APRALO Elections 2010 at a Glance

As an integral part of ICANN's At-Large infrastructure, the membership of APRALO must hold a number of elections in 2010:


Current status

ALAC Representative selected by APRALO (AGM 2010 - AGM 2012)

Edmon Chund was confirmed as ALAC Representative on 12 October 2010.

ALAC Delegate to the ICANN Nominating Committee from the Asia , Australasia and Pacific Islands Region (AGM 2010 - AGM 2011) - APRALO may give a recommendation to the ALAC

Regionally recommended candidate was transmitted to the ALAC on 24 August

APRALO Interim Vice Chair (until March 2011)

Charles Mok was confirmed as Interim Vice Chair on 10 August 2010.

APRALO Interim Chair (until March 2011)

Prof. Hong Xue was selected Interim Chair during the APRALO extraordinary meeting on 22 June 2010.Summary Minutes 22 June Extraordinary APRALO Meeting

APRALO Vice Chair (until March 2012)

On 4 May 2010, Fouad Bajwa was elected Interim Vice Chair until March 2011. APRALO resolved during its extraordinary meeting on 22 June 2010 to move Fouad to the two-year Interim Vice Chair position

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. ICANN's next Annual General Meeting will be held in Cartagena, Colombia from 5 December to 10 December 2010.

APRALO-selected representative on the ALAC

The RALOs elect two out of three of their regional representatives on the ALAC. The third representative is appointed by the Nominating Committee.

Suggested Election Timeline

The APRALO instruments do not contain specific provisions governing the election process. Therefore, it is suggested that the following election process shall be adopted:

1. Call for election: The regional Secretariat will make a call for election (no later than 16 August 2010)
2. Nomination period: Nominations shall be accepted for four weeks after the Secretariat calls for nominations (up to 20 September 2010)
3. Acceptance deadline: The nominees need to accept their nomination no later than seven days after the nomination period ends (27 September 2010)
4. Election deadline: The election shall begin on 29 September and end on 8 October.

Please Note: APRALO is free to adopt a different process.

Obligations and Responsibilities of ALAC members

The obligation and requirement of ALAC members and liaisons are outlined in the ICANN Bylaws, ALAC Rules of Procedure and the ALAC Internal Rules of Procedure. You will find relevant extracts from these sources under ALAC Members - Obligations and Responsibilities.

The incumbent is Dr. Vivek C.Vivekanandan. Vivek's eligibility for re-election depends on whether he will be become one of the 2011 ALAC Delegate to the Nominating Committee.

Nominations for ALAC Representative

Nominated By

Seconded By

Date Nominee Accepted

Sivasubramanian Muthusamy

Fouad Bajwa


21 September 2010 (in a private message)

Edmon Chung (confirmed on 12 October)

Cheryl Langdon-Orr


20 September 2010 (in a private message)

ALAC Delegate to the ICANN Nominating Committee from the Asia , Australasia and Pacific Islands Region

The ALAC appoints, in consultation with the RALOs, one representative with voting rights from each of ICANN's five geographic regions to the Nominating Committee. APRALO has the possibility to recommend a preferred candidate for this position to the ALAC.

Voting members of the NomCom are appointed for a one year term, and may be re-appointed for a further term of one year subject to the requirement under the ICANN Bylaws.

The incumbent for APRALO is Prof. Hong Xue. Having served two consecutive terms, she is not eligible for re-election.

Suggested timetable:

The ALAC ExCom suggested the following timetable for nominations and recommendations for the APRALO NomCom Delegate position:

1. Nominations Open: No later than 27 July 2010
2. Nominations Close: on or before 6 August 2010
3. Nomination Acceptance Deadline: on or before 10 August 2010
4. Voting Period to select preferred APRALO candidate (if required): 11 August 2010 to 22 August 15 August 2010 extended
5. ALAC Notification: RALOs to transmit all accepted nominations, with a recommendation for a preferred candidate if the RALO wishes to provide one: 16 August 2010
6. ALAC Voting Begins: 18 August 2010
7. ALAC Voting Ends: 24 August 2010
8. Notification to NomCom of Appointees: No Later than 31 August 2010

Obligations and Responsibilities of NomCom Members

The obligation and requirement of NomCom members are outlined in the NomCom members - Obligations and Requirements

NomCom Delegate from Asia Pacific

Nominated By

Supported By*

Date Nominee Accepted

Siranush Vardanyan

Cheryl Langdon-Orr


9 August 2010

Dr. V.C. Vivekanandan (confirmed on 24 August)

Nirmol Agarwal


8 August 2010

(star) In accordance with the selection process outline, it is not necessary to second a nomination in order for it to be valid

APRALO Interim Vice Chair

The call for nominations for the interim Vice Chair position was sent out on 9 July 2010. Please click here for complete information about the Vice Chair election.

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