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Sub-group Members:  Avri Doria, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Dalila Rahmouni, Fiona Asonga, Herb Waye, Judith Hellerstein, Julie Hammer, Lito Ibarra, Marie-Noemie Marques, Olga Cavalli, Rafik Dammak, Renata Aquino Ribeiro

Observers/Guests: /

ICANN Organization:  Bernard Turcotte, Brenda Brewer, Meghan Healy, Sabrina Mosquera, Sara Caplis

Apologies:  /

Interpretation Stats:

  • FR = 1
  • ES = 0

** If your name is missing from attendance or apology, please send note to **


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1. Welcome
2. Discuss Public Comments
3. AOB
4. Next meeting: 15 February @ 13:00 UTC

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Action Items:


Next Meetings:

  • Thursday 15 February 2018 13:00 UTC

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