Sub-group Members:  Amal Al-Saqqaf, Andreea Brambilla, Avri Doria, Fiona Asonga, Herb Waye, Julie Hammer, Kimberly Anastacio, Lito Ibarra, Lousewies van der Laan, Marie Noemie Marques, Olévié Kouami, Pär Brumark, Rafik Dammak, Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Sebastien Bachollet   (15)

Observers/Guests:  Dustin Phillips, Fabre, Luis Martinez, Viviane Vinagre   (4)

Staff:  Brenda Brewer, Elizabeth Andrews, Megan Healy, Nathalie Vergnolle   (4)

Apologies:  Olga Cavalli, Corinne Cath, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Dalila Rahmouni

Interpretation Stats:

  • ES:  1
  • FR:  1

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1. Roll Call and administration

2.  Review of Action Items 

3.  Update about extension and calendar (Nathalie to give  a short brief about the plan for CCWG till June 2018)

    • Discussing plan for diversity subgroup with the extension
    • Finalize the draft report for plenary in Johannesburg

4.  Discussion of draft report

5.  AOB

    • reminder about asking SO/AC to respond to the questionnaire

Raw Caption Notes

Due to technical difficulties, captioning was only available for the 2nd half of the meeting.  
Please note that these are the unofficial transcript. Official transcript will be posted 2-3 days after the call


Update about extension and calendar

    • Nathalie presented the revised timeline for CCWG till June 2018.  Main ideas presented:
    • This timeline will be presented and discussed in more details during the next CCWG plenary.
    • Target is to finish the work within the FY18 timeframe
    • ICANN 61 (March 18) is the drop deadline for subgroups to complete their work
    • ICANN 60 (Nov 17) is the drop deadline for subgroups to finalize their 1st draft
    • Recommendations drafted by ICANN 59 (Jun 16) allow for 2 public comment periods
    • Public comment period must run over the summer to be ready for a plenary discussion of a revised draft by ICANN 60 

Group discussed plan for diversity subgroup with the extension:

    • Several people in favor of a plan that would allow for 2 public comment periods. Others indicated that it may be preferable to not rush and to only do 1 public comment period.
    • Decision was made to try to have a 1st draft ready on June 18, for 1st reading to the Plenary on June 25 in Johannesburg.
    • Questionnaire responses are not due until June 1st, leaving little time for analysis and inclusion in the report.Members of the subgroup were encouraged to reach out to their respective SO/AC leaders to ask them to respond to the questionnaire as soon as possible (and preferably ahead of the 1st June deadline).

Discussion of draft report

    • See captioning notes.


  • Target to have a 1st draft ready on June 18, for 1st reading to the Plenary on June 25 in Johannesburg.

Action Items:

  • Members of the subgroup to reach out to their respective SO/AC leaders about the questionnaire.

Documents Presented:

Chat Transcript:

 Brenda Brewer:Good day all and welcome to WS2 Diversity Subgroup Meeting #22 on 12 May 2017 @ 13:00 UTC!

  Brenda Brewer:If you are not speaking, please mute your phone by pressing *6 (star 6).  To unmute press *6.  Thank you!

  Brenda Brewer:Reminder to all, please state your name before speaking for the Interpreters and Captioner.

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Greetings

  Rafik:hi all

  Pär Brumark (GAC Niue):Hi all!

  Rafik:we will start in 1 or 2 min

  Lousewies:hi all

  Rafik:is the captioning working 

  Lito Ibarra:Hello. Sorry to be late

  Brenda Brewer:Apologies for Caption pod being blank. 

  Fiona Asonga:Rafk The captioning is not working

  Renata:yes caption blank/frozen?

  Fiona Asonga:I recommend we go for the option with 2 public comments.


  Viviane Vinagre:I'm here



  Renata:salut, olá

  Olevie:Olà Renata. Bom dia

  Renata:18 june?

  Renata:to finish the draft?

  Nathalie Vergnolle:Yes Renata

  Renata:Nathalie tks for confirmation

  Lito Ibarra:I hear you well, Fiona

  Fiona Asonga:I am happy working with the June target not just becaus eit gives us 2 public comments but it also enables us to have time to get imput twice

  Fiona Asonga:First time based on input from AC/SO and second with input from public

  Fiona Asonga:+1 Nathalie, I beleive we can make it work

  Renata:better possibility


  Fiona Asonga:+ on reduction of the public comments period

  Renata:captioning is back, many thanks

  Olevie:please, did we have plenary session in Johannesburg ?

  Nathalie Vergnolle:Yes, there will be a face-to-face meeting in Johannesburg

  Andreea Brambilla:Sounds like a balanced approach, Rafik.


  Renata:perhaps would be good sending a reminder to SO/ACs on questionnaire since it's mid-may?

  Fiona Asonga:Yes Renata We should send a reminder to the AC/SO


  Renata:tks fiona 

  Olevie:tks Nathalie

  Nathalie Vergnolle:you're welcome!


  Renata:a few changes in this draft here

  Renata:so just checking if rec 4 is ok

  Fiona Asonga:+1 should be to the elements of diversity that are relevant to the group

  Fiona Asonga:Then some elements may also not be measurable but can be observed. What happens to those?

  Renata:so this is what Corinne Amal and me posted that the group could do then cherrypicking

  Renata:framing intentionally for instance that gender diversity is not relative to security

  avri doria:handling all langueages will require technical solutions.  not within ICANN purview. 

  Olevie:IMHO we can choose french and spanish at least

  avri doria:In another context there were objections from Chinese speakers at being excluded when there is more that English.

  Renata:suggestion: ICANN focuses on the languages most spoken by the community

  Renata:Instead of UN official languages + Portuguese

  Olevie:yes, UN official languages at least

  avri doria:but is Portguese now a UN language?


  avri doria:and if a seventh is being added, why that one?

  Rafik:sorry guys I was just disconnected from the phone and AC mic is not working 

  Renata:most spoken in the community was my suggestion

  Brenda Brewer:We are trying to connect Rafik again.  Please stand by for reconnection.

   avri doria:i think arguments can be made for just English (demand is low fo translation and use is low) or 6 as in the UN.

  avri doria:with the assumption that is they are avaialble they will eventually be used.

  avri doria:how is "key" languages defined?

  Rafik:"key" would be controversial, how decide a ranking

  Marie Noemie Marques:Why referring to UN languages? Let's only emention he langaues that ICANN can support ?  

  Brenda Brewer:Time Check - 9 minutes remain

   avri doria:we cannot, in any case, call the 7 langauges UN langauges in the paragrapgh.

  avri doria:do we have stats on the 7 most used? 

  Olevie:please 7  or 6 ?

  avri doria:why these 7?

  Renata:avri languages most spoken in the community

  Olevie:there are 6 UN official languges not 7

  avri doria:the utility of English is that it is, i beleive, the largest second language. for better or for worse it is the most used.

  Olevie:prtuguese in not include

  avri doria:but if we are going to used the most spoken, then we need to measure.

  avri doria:have we done a survey of first, zecond, thrid langauge used in ICANN ever?

  avri doria:she is waiting for translation perhaps?

  Renata:the measurement is done/was done by languages services + board I believe in choosing these langs.

  Olevie:english, spanish and french

  avri doria:that would be the top 3 what are the top 7?

  avri doria:if they have measured, would be good to see the results.

  Fiona Asonga: I will send it on email 

  Amal Al-Saqqaf: I think we should only state that ICANN  ACs/SOs & WGs should be flexible on the languages to be used and to support the needed language case by case. For example, in the WGs for Thailand IDN, a local language should be provided among interepretation

  Fiona Asonga:+1 Amal

  avri doria:Amal, that makes sense 


  Amal Al-Saqqaf:to help  target benefeciaries to participate

  Renata:be flexible is important expression here

  avri doria:adding something like, with possible adjuctments for any specifc working effot that focuses on a specific langauge group.

  avri doria:..  adjustments ...

  Andreea Brambilla:Apologies, I have to drop off for another meeting.

  Lito Ibarra:Amal +1

  avri doria:and i think people often miss the impliend phrase "but this is not an ideal word, therefore ..."

  Lito Ibarra:I also apologize, I have another meeting now. Bye

  Fiona Asonga:Thanks Lito

  Amal Al-Saqqaf:Thanks all! Bye

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Have a great day everyone, bonne journee y buenos dias

  avri doria:bye all

  Fiona Asonga:Thanks everyone bye

  Renata:Gracias bye

  Olevie:Sory, I leave the dial out cause my battery is empty


  Pär Brumark (GAC Niue):Bye..


  Olevie:Au revoir


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