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Sub-group Members:  Andreea Brambilla, Avri Doria, Herb Waye, Julie Hammer, Lito Ibarra, Lousewies van der Laan, Marie-Noémie Marques, Rafik Dammak, Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Sebastien Bachollet   (10)

Observers/Guests:  Laura Margolis, Matthew Shears, Nadira AlAraj, Taylor RW Bentley   (4)

Staff Bernard Turcotte, Brenda Brewer, Elizabeth Andrews, Ergys, Eric Evard, Meghan Healy   (6)

Apologies:  Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Dalila Rahmouni, Amal Al-saqqaf

** If your name is missing from attendance or apology, please send note to **


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1. Roll call

2. Review of action items

    • Rafik Dammak – Send a reminder to the group to read the draft proposal and make comments.

3. Gender Diversity Survey Review

4. Draft Report Discussion  -

5. AOB 

Notes (including relevant portions of chat):


Action items:

Documents Presented

Chat Transcript

Yvette Guigneaux:Welcome all to the Diversity Subgroup Meeting #19  |  20 April 2017 @ 13:00 UTC!

  Yvette Guigneaux:If you are not speaking, please mute your phone by pressing *6 (star 6).  To unmute press *6


  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support:hello all

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Hello Bonjour et Buenos Dias everyone...

  Eric Evrard:Bonjour Herb, Hello everyone

  Lousewies:hi all

  Eric Evrard:Recording has started.

  Elizabeth Andrews:Ergys will join in just a few minutes

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:hi everyone apologies for delay

  Lousewies:I'm not getting option to call my phone. I'm on Adobe app for iPhone

  Brenda Brewer:would you like a dial out Lousewies?

  Eric Evrard:Lousewies, there is interpretation, so you need to call in (or have the operator call you :) 0

  Lousewies:yes please 

  Brenda Brewer:stand by please

  Brenda Brewer:Language preference Lousewies?

  Lousewies:dutch ;-)

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I am on the phone in Spanish trying to make a question

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:But maybe you can just read my comment in the title of the google Doc

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I'll paste it here

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:The survey is lacking any question or perspective on young women. It is fundamental to measure this aspect as gender diversity is threatened greatly by power structures which ally w/ age and it also impacts on training and leadership perspectives. SuggestionWere you part of youth engagement programs? Yes/NoAre you a young participant and do you feel that this has an impact on gender and leadership?Mostrar menos

  Julie Hammer (SSAC):Am now on the phone.

  avri doria:thanks - had not gone back to the doc after commenting

  avri doria:translation lag?

  avri doria:AC has been particulalry bad on lag tmes of late

  avri doria:i hope we do not start using a transgender as an excuse for lack of parity.  that would be too cynical by half.

  renata aquino:sorry power outages here i'll be just on chat

  renata aquino:sorry power outages here i ll be chat only

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:back

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:and in broken english

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I can speak on mic now

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:if ok

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:yes, about young women participants in the community

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:and how gender impacts that participation

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:follow up?

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:needs to be captured at least as a question on the survey

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support:time check 19 minutes left in call

  avri doria:just not sure all of the age and origin should be optonal.

  renata aquino:+1 on race too

  Nadira AlAraj:+1 to include the different demographic diversity questions to do coronatio

  avri doria:a lot of the questions are in the optional exit survey but some should be brougght into the main part of the q for relation and correlation analyisis

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:avri, yes, thanks for pointing that out

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:rafik about the questionnair, can we review deadlinses?

  Herb Waye Ombuds:Have a great weekend everyone

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support:bye all

  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:tks

  Laura Margolis:thank you!

  Brenda Brewer:Thank you all for joining.  Meeting adjourned.

  avri doria:bye

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