Yesim Nazlar:Welcome to the NARALO Webinar #1 - ARIN Basics: "An Introduction to the NARALO membership" on Monday, 06 February 2017 at 18:00 UTC.

  Yesim Nazlar:Agenda:

  Monique Chartrand:Hi

  Glenn McKnight:hi Monique

  Monique Chartrand:Bonjour !

  Alfredo Calderon:I'm back.

  Glenn McKnight:Hi William

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:There is echo in the conversation

  William Michael Cunningham:Hello, Glenn..

  Glenn McKnight:Hi William

  William Michael Cunningham:Yes. is ok if you delay your speech.

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:The echo is gone

  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all welcome

  William Michael Cunningham:There you go...

  Silvia Vivanco:Special welcome to the guest Speaker : Christian Tacit

  Seth Reiss:I joined!

  Louis Houle:Hi eveyone

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:I would like to hear the policy process.

  Glenn McKnight:Please post any questions

  judith hellerstein:sorry for being late

  judith hellerstein:had back to back calls since 4:30am

  Alfredo Calderon:And my mentor at ARIN38 as a newcomer to the meeting!

  William Michael Cunningham:What is the ARIN Advisory Council?

  Glenn McKnight:Staff anyone on  Adigo for the attendance?

  Glenn McKnight:We have 10 on Adobe any on the Adigo?

  Yesim Nazlar:Mike Schoenecker on phone bridge

  judith hellerstein:look at the participants, yesim has them listed

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Not sure what ASN are

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  

  Yesim Nazlar:@Glenn: the attendance list will also be posted on the wiki agenda page after the call

  Glenn McKnight:11 attendees

  Glenn McKnight:@Yesim adding it to the logistics page

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Why are policy process diferent in each region if the fucntion is the same for all?

  Louis Houle:Interesting point Eduardo

  Alfredo Calderon:How feasible would it be to have a unified policy process and reciprocal rules?

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:What is the difference between customers and members?

  William Michael Cunningham:Not a lot of racial (and I would guess income and cultural) diversity on your adv council..

  Glenn McKnight:thanks

  Glenn McKnight:Welcome Eve

  Glenn McKnight:@yesim  anyone else on  Adigo?

  Yesim Nazlar:@Glenn: checking with the operator

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Do NRO Board Memebers in ICANN have vote rights?

  Yesim Nazlar:@Glenn: Mike Schoenecker is the only one on audio only

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks

  John Laprise:Are audits conducted internally or by 3rd parties?

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Transfers of what?

  Alfredo Calderon:Are the instructional materials in other languages besides English?

  Alfredo Calderon:Puerto Rico will have an ARIN on the ROAD in August 2017.

  Alfredo Calderon:Details will be available in the upcomming months.

  Alfredo Calderon:In the website it iwill be prommoted.

  Glenn McKnight:Folks  I have the list of questions  and I will read the questions and ask the poster if they want to clarify or a followup quesitons

  William Michael Cunningham:Somewhat.

  William Michael Cunningham:Please explain, tho.

  Eve Edelson:yes

  Glenn McKnight:I am going through the list as posted

  William Michael Cunningham:That is helpful. Thank you.

  Glenn McKnight:I like the  ARIN shepparding concept

  Louis Houle:+1

  William Michael Cunningham:Yes.

  Alfredo Calderon:@Glenn, the discussion on the mailing-list is vivid and constantly reviews the policies until community reaches a consensus.

  Glenn McKnight:Yubelkys welcome to the call

  Yubelkys:hi! sorry for the delay but my agenda said it was at 3:00 pm, instead of 2:00 pm.

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Thank you Chris

  Yubelkys:thanks Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:@alfredo can you add some links from the ARIN site

  Glenn McKnight:

  Alfredo Calderon:To subscribe to mailing lists -

  Alfredo Calderon:ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual  

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Yes

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Yes\

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks

  Alfredo Calderon:Advisory Council - v

  Alfredo Calderon:Sorry, Advisory Council -

  Glenn McKnight:@alfredo we will add the resources to the Logistics page

  Glenn McKnight:

  Glenn McKnight:All the questions are posted, Judith is doing a good job and combining them

  Alfredo Calderon:ARION Statistics -

  Glenn McKnight:Alfredo  any knowldedge?

  Glenn McKnight:Louis or  Monique any in French?

  Eve Edelson:I know a good translator (Spanish-English), although I bet Alfredo knows some too!

  Alfredo Calderon:Great Chris.

  Glenn McKnight:Do NRO Board Members in ICANN have vote rights?

  Glenn McKnight:Seat 9 and 10.  Who are they?

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:ok

  Seth Reiss:so an end user is a customer but not a member?

  Glenn McKnight:But who are they?

  Alfredo Calderon:@Seth, that seems to be the policy.

  Glenn McKnight:Judith Eduardo again

  Glenn McKnight:Welcome  Alan

  judith hellerstein:just like in at large

  Eduardo Díaz - ISOC Puerto Rico:Now I understand. Thanks..

  judith hellerstein:rinalia is our board member but we provide advices to the icann board

  Alan Greenberg:Not on briedge yet

  avri doria:nope

  Louis Houle:@ Chris: you're very welcome. Good presentation.

  avri doria:would love to see it

  leah symekher:Thank you Chris.  SFbay ISOC is planning a collaborative meeting with ARIN in California, this October. Working with Susan Hamlin.


  leah symekher:sorry

  Louis Houle:And ISOC Quebec was pleased to have ARIN on the Road in Quebec City in 2014!

  leah symekher:just read y comment above please

  leah symekher:if possible

  judith hellerstein:sure

  leah symekher:we love the collaration and MOU partnership


  leah symekher:we already have was just a comment :-)

  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  for everyone joining  this is our  first call and I will followup on a  policy purpose call

  judith hellerstein:Leah was this right

  leah symekher:see above

  Louis Houle:Bye everyone

  William Michael Cunningham:Thanks..

  Yubelkys:thank you

  leah symekher:Thank you Judith :-)

  Monique Chartrand:Thank you !

  Alfredo Calderon:Bye to all!


  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you all!

  a:Thanks  bye

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