gTLD Marketplace Health Index

Advisory Panel
Meeting #
DateTopic Coverage
126 Oct 2016Discuss overall project plan and high-level issues
27/8 Nov 2016ICANN 57 community session, covering project overview, request for feedback, overall scope, inclusion of ccTLD data, renaming of project
305 Dec 2016Overall scope, inclusion of ccTLD data, renaming of project, category definition revie
418 Jan 2017Renaming of project, category definition review
522 Feb 2017Category definition review and metrics review process overview
612 Mar 2017ICANN 58 session covering category definition review and feedback
726 Apr 2017Category definition review and feedback on 'robust competition' beta metrics
8TBD May 2017Feedback on 'robust competition', 'marketplace stability', 'trust' beta metrics
9TBD Jun 2017Feedback on other proposed 'robust competition', 'marketplace stability', 'trust' metrics, feedback on other project considerations
10TBD Jul 2017Feedback on other project considerations, review of overall schema developed, evaluation of possible data sources
11TBD Aug 2017Review of overall schema developed & evaluation of possible data sources
12TBD Sep 2017Procurement of required data
13TBD Oct 2017Procurement of required data
14TBD Nov 2017Finalization of Domain Name Marketplace Indicators v1.0 for publication/release