gTLD Marketplace Health Index

This is the homepage for the gTLD Marketplace Health Index project.

The gTLD Marketplace Health Index originated from the cross-organizational ICANN Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard. The “gTLD Marketplace Health Index” will further ICANN's goal (number 2.3) of supporting the evolution of the gTLD marketplace to be robust, stable and trusted. The index analyzes the overall health and diversity of the global gTLD marketplace.

ICANN published the gTLD Marketplace Health Index (Beta) for public comment in July, 2016. ICANN will now work with a community Advisory Panel to refine the Index in preparation for publishing the version 1.0. The following is a proposed timeline for this process. ICANN plans to post updated data for the metrics included in the gTLD Marketplace Health Index (Beta) until work on version 1.0 is complete.


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