Sub-group Members:   

Beran Gillen, Carolina Aguerre, Chris LaHatte, Finn Petersen, Fiona Asonga, Herb Waye, Lito Ibarra, Olivier Muron, Pam Little, Rachel Pollack, Rafik Dammak, Sebastien Bachollet, Sonigitu Ekpe.   (13)

Observers:  Taylor RW Bentley  (1)

Staff: Brenda Brewer, Karen Mulberry, Lars Hoffmann, Yvette Guigneaux.  (4)

Apologies:  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (1)

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Call Admin and Roll Call

1. Welcome - Opening Remarks
2. Discussion Topics - Review questions:
Definition of diversity in the ICANN context
Areas/aspects of diversity to focus on
Input and experiences can we learn from
Review staff background paper[]
3. Plan for Hyderabad meeting for the
4. AOB
5. Next Meeting: sending doodle poll


1. Review questions - Discussion of topics:
a) Definition of diversity in the ICANN context
Discussed concerns and approaches, including a link to useful information to consider.

A useful link

-b) Areas/aspects of diversity to focus on:
Noted that the paper might be a place to start working, including the resources and references in the report. Noted that the AFNIC is also a very good starring point. Might consider asking Staff on providing additional information and data on Diversity. Need to identify areas and topics where they would like additional details.
Might also look at new bylaws for diversity details as it provides a new way of looking at diversity and diversity within ICANN functional structures. Objective will be to use these thoughts to develop a strawman.

- Rapporteurs will develop Strawman based on discussion items raised for group review.
- Develop additional diversity data request for Staff assistance

Input and experiences can we learn from
Review staff background paper

2. Plan for Hyderabad meeting for the

Discussion of possible approach and what to report. Will keep in mind the need to have a topic identified by the 21 Oct date.


Suggested that meeting times be rotated between 0500 UTC, 1300 UTC and 1900 UTC.

4. Next Meeting: sending doodle poll

Documents Presented

CCWG Workplan timeline.pdf

CCWG Hyderabad Agenda.pdf


Chat Transcript

Yvette Guigneaux: Welcome to the WS2 - Diversity Subgroup, Meeting #2, Friday, 07 October @ 13: 00 UTC!

Rafik: hello

Herb Waye Ombuds: Greetings all

Carolina Aguerre: Good morning/ day everyone

Brenda Brewer: Yes, we hear you, Rafik

Sonigitu Ekpe: Greetings all

Sebastien (ALAC): A useful link https: //

Herb Waye Ombuds: I have a doctor's appointment shortly and must leave the meeting. I will catch up when the minutes are posted. Regards all...

Carolina Aguerre: Rafik: I have a question / comment. I personally believe that the paper by AFNIC is a very good starting point of the dimensiosn of diversity for this group. Could this be considered?

Carolina Aguerre: Agree Rafik with the strawman exercise.

Carolina Aguerre: Great point about asking for more detailed statistics from ICANN on several fronts. One of these I would suggest is related with regional participation from "industry sectors"(registries, registrars, other providers), since we already have background information about under-served regions from the MENA MArketplace DNS report and now the LAC DNS Marketplace report

Carolina Aguerre: There is definitely a gap there, in terms of industry concentration but also of how the few players in under-served regions are actually participating at ICANN (attending meetings, joining WGs, SO/ACs etc)

Sebastien (ALAC): A, non-exhaustive, unordered list of elements, that is under discussion and includes but is not limited to: ● Skill set● Region● Origin● Culture● Language● Gender● Age● Disability● Stakeholder group● ...

Carolina Aguerre: Great starting point Sebastien

Lito Ibarra: Carolina, so true, regarding participation in ICANN

Karen Mulberry: Sorry I am not on audio

Karen Mulberry: Just listen only

Karen Mulberry: Let me get the meeting agenda to share

Karen Mulberry: Here is the agenda for the meeting in Hyderabad

Karen Mulberry: I also have the timeline for the work

Pam Little: +1 to Sebastien's suggestion

Pam Little: Please avoid Friday if possible.

Pam Little: It is already Saturday here for Sydney Australia at this time.


Pam Little: Thank you very much.

FIONA ASONGA 2: Then we need to consider a different day Thursday

Lito Ibarra: Bye. Thanks

FIONA ASONGA 2: Thanks everyone for attending the call

Carolina Aguerre: Thank you all! Bye!


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