Scope of Work:

Principle B; Recommendation 18; Principles D, E and F; Recommendations 4, 7, and 8; New Topic “Name Collisions”

  • Internationalized Domain Names and Universal Acceptance: Consider how to encourage adoption of gTLDs. Evaluate whether rules around IDNs properly accounted for recommendations from IDN WG. Determine and address policy guidance needed for the implementation of IDN variant TLDs.
    • Note that the Universal Acceptance Steering Group has community support to lead the Universal Acceptance efforts and that conflicting effort and outcomes should be avoided.
  • Security and Stability: Were the proper questions asked to minimize the risk to the DNS and ensure that applicants will be able to meet their obligations in the registry agreement? Should there be non-scored questions and if so, how should they be presented? Were the proper criteria established to avoid causing technical instability? Is the impact to the DNS from new gTLDs fully understood?
  • Applicant Reviews: Technical/Operational and Financial: Were Financial and Technical criteria designed properly to allow applicants to demonstrate their capabilities while allowing evaluators to validate their capabilities? How can the criteria be streamlined and made clearer? 
  • Name collisions: How should name collisions be incorporated into future new gTLD rounds? What measures may be needed to manage risks for 2012-round gTLDs beyond their 2 year anniversary of delegation, or gTLDs delegated prior to the 2012 round?

Work Track Four Issue Areas Working Document:

Work Track Four Reading List: Work Track 4 Reading List for 31 May 2017.docx

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