1. Attendance
  2. Work schedule
  3. Preparation of panel formation proposal v.8 (.docx) (.pdf) for informal comment by IP
  4. AOB
  5. DoNM


1. Sarat Assirou, Ahmed Bakht, Chris Dillon, Sarmad Hussain, Mirjana Tasic and Aysegul Tekce; apologies from Hazem Hezzah and Vladimir Visnjic

2. Chris outlined the group's plans for the near future:

  • Submission of the draft panel formation proposal to the IP


  • Scrutinization of Second Level work (especially references) on more than 25 languages, likely to be available in the first half of May


  • Release of draft Latin repertoire for public comment


  • There was not sufficient interest in a face-to-face meeting in June.
  • The work schedule in 3.2 was amended accordingly.


3. Chris outlined recent edits to the draft panel formation proposal:

1.4 Ligatures will be excluded unless "the letters have fused together into a new letter".
1.5 The definition of "variant" in the Procedure has been adopted.
2.1 There are many minor edits to the members' list and two names had been accidentally omitted. Chris is now chair, as it looks odd to have one co-chair. The proposal needs to included short CVs (and have longer ones attached eventually) and so members who have not submitted short CVs are currently have observer status.
Action: Chris to add a sentence to 2.2 to make this distinction clearer.
Some short CVs had been added.
2.2 indicates the intention to keep the panel open to new members.
The traffic light system (indicating state of readiness) in 2.2 had been removed.
3.1.2 had an explanation of "blocked variant".

4. None

5. 10 May, 2016

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