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As detailed in this proposal, several small teams have been formed to collect, consolidate, concisely summarize, and then present inputs and information to help educate the full WG and inform finalization of the RDS PDP WG workplan. The small teams, their members, and their public email archive links are listed below.              Coordinated by Susan Kawaguchi

Mailing list archive:

Members (as of 28 March 2016): <insert list>                    Coordinated by Michele Neylon

Mailing list archive:

Members (as of 28 March 2016): <insert list>               Coordinated by David Cake

Mailing list archive:

Members (as of 28 March 2016): <insert list>

Each small team is has been tasked with focusing on one of the charter questions to concisely summarize available inputs and relevant background information. Upon completion, each small team is expected to present its summary to the full WG to help educate everyone about past work, available input documents, and other pertinent information relevant to each charter question, such as dependencies between questions which may need to be factored into the work plan.

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