Sound recording

1. Attendance
2. Draft Panel Formation Proposal
3. Presentation at ICANN Marrakech
4. AOB
5. DoNM


1. Chris Dillon, Hazem Hezzah, Meikal Mumin, Alireza Saleh, Aysegul Tekce and Mirjana Tasić
2. Criteria for inclusion and exclusion in the repertoire, including number of speakers, need further work.
Text was added to make clear that currently code points used solely for Romanization are to be excluded.
It was noticed that x circumflex has no precomposed form in Unicode. Its only attestation so far is in the EGIDS 7 language, Aleut, and so provisionally it is not to be included in the repertoire.
3. There were no substantial edits.
4. Chris mentioned that ICANN's summer meeting would not take place in Panama.
5. 23 February, 2016

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