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1. Attendance
2. Draft Panel Formation Proposal
3. A look at the Latin part of MSR2 with attestations. Version 7 (.docx) (.pdf)
4. AOB
5. DoNM

1. Chris Dillon, Alireza Saleh, Mirjana Tasić, Aysegul Tekce, Vladimir Visnjic
2. Chris thanked Mirjana for her research on the Americas, Central Asia, and Eskimo Aleut; it will be reflected in the next version (4) of the proposal.

The following major edits were agreed:
⦁ The addition of definitions for terms such as alphabet, script, glyph and attestation.
⦁ We lack some illustrations of some points in the text, for example, handwriting. Aysegul volunteered to provide a sample of Turkish handwriting.
⦁ Australasia and South-East Asia have been covered in one section, as Polynesian languages occur in both areas.
Issues remaining include:
⦁ lack of volunteer time during stages of the work
⦁ lack of expertise (especially linguistic in the Americas, Australasia and elsewhere, Security and law enforcement and XML)
Effect on work schedule
We currently do not have a sufficient number of people to form the panel. This could change after Marrakech and will not immediately affect the working schedule.
It is possible that an additional stage may be needed to exclude some code points, possibly German ß and Turkish ı, for security reasons.
⦁ Are we happy to regard the 26-letter A-Z as a "basic" set?
⦁ Does anyone know the official reason why the Unicode ranges Latin Ligatures and Full-width Latin letters were excluded by the Integration Panel?
(additional questions to ask the IP:)
⦁ What form is cooperation with the Cyrillic, Greek and Armenian panels expected to take?
⦁ German ß, Turkish ı, etc.
3. The panel has provisionally OK'd: Turkish ı and three additional "WITH LINE BELOW" code points for Pitjantjatjara.
4. None.
5. 9 February. Chris would email information about the LGP face-to-face in Marrakech to the list. Provisionally it is scehuled for 17:00, Sunday 6 March. Alireza would speak to ICANN about travel support.

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