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  1. Attendance
  2. A look at the Latin part of MSR2 with attestations v.5 (.docx) (.pdf)
  3. Draft Panel Formation Proposal
  4. AOB
  5. DoNM


1. Chris Dillon, Hazem Hezzah, Sarmad Hussain, Meikal Mumin, Mert Saka, Mirjana Tasic

2. We were able to finish our first look at the Latin part of MSR2.
Chris will circulate version 6 in the near future with African edits from Meikal and Turkish edits from Mert.

Also: Notes on Laz, Wakhi and ß.
"The original IDNA 2003 protocol didn’t support several characters properly and one of those was “ß”. It was interpreted as mere ‘ss’. So “faß.de” domain (for example) was
processed as “”, ignoring the national character. "

A reference for the Alphabet National du Tchad will be added. This will affect several code points in the table.
Does anybody have similar references* for the Pan-Nigerian Alphabet or the African Reference Alphabet? I shall add notes on these.
* i.e., "detailed references that link each included code point to a reference providing data for justifying its inclusion"

I shall add something about the status of Romanizations, especially "educational use" and the use of n and m with tone marks in Pinyin. Also something about how many people
constitute a "large community" (i.e., "in widespread modern customary use by large communities").

Vowels with breves may be used in Vietnamese languages.

I shall add a note on LATIN SMALL LETTER ALPHA and LATIN SMALL LETTER SCHWA, which could be candidates for in-script variants with LATIN SMALL LETTER A and LATIN SMALL LETTER
TURNED E, respectively.

3. Chris has made good progress on the schedule part of the Draft Panel Formation Proposal and will release it within the next few days.

4. If you would like to ask questions or make comments in French, please use the Chat window. Chris will provide summaries of meetings.

5. It may be necessary to move the next meeting from 5 Jan. to 12 Jan. Chris is not able to chair the meeting on 19 Jan.


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