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Date: 16 April 2015

Hello everyone, 

This is a quick note to alert you that the end-of-fiscal-year deadline for receiving proposals for the FY15 Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program is near … 15 May to be exact.

Please remember that all FY15 CROPP requests must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by your Community Structures and the Global Stakeholder Engagement Regional Vice Presidents by that date in order to meet the deadline for any travel intended to happen prior to 30 June – the close of the ICANN fiscal year. If anyone in your community needs a refresher about the program, the overview training materials can be found here: Orientations and Tutorials.

For your information, attached are 2 graphics that Ken Bour put together for us showing the number of events that have occurred so far and the number that are still available for each RALO or Constituency in fiscal year 2015. To date, CROPP 2015 has already surpassed the number of events that were supported during FY14, and we’ve noted that several of the events themselves seem to be focused on awareness and engagement, as well as building community capacity.

We are hoping to extend this effort for a final pilot period in FY16 as part of an expanded set of community outreach pilot options.  Pending a final Board decision, please be alerted that eligibility for participation in the FY16 phase of the pilot effort is likely to include development and public posting of a specific community outreach and/or engagement strategy in which the outreach activity takes place.  While several of you have already memorialized a document of that type others may have to create one.

Finally, if any of you would like Janice or me to share a briefing about the program and a forward look to the FY16 version for your community, please let us know.  We would be happy to provide a telephonic briefing or to conduct an in-person information session at ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires.



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