Sub-Group Members:   Paticia Poblete, Jeffrey Eckhaus, Paul Kane, Elise Gerich, Elaine Pruis

Staff:  Bart Bostwinkel, Kim Davies, Bernard Turcotte, Brenda Brewer

**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**


Transcript CWG DT-A 7 March.doc

Transcript CWG DT-A 7 March.pdf


The Adobe Connect recording is available here:

The audio recording is available here:

Notes and Actions

Identify real processes

Additional meeting to understand general objectives

Schedule another meetign this week

Objective: general, professional Service level

Actual SLE not achievable before the meeting

Best hope to have principles in before 10th April. Given state of conversation

Chat Transcript

  Brenda Brewer: (4/7/2015 11:23) Welcome to the DT-A Meeting on 7 April

  elise gerich: (11:27) Hello - Elise here

  elise gerich: (11:28) will the audio work on adobe connect or do I also have to dial in on my phone?

  Kim Davies: (11:28) I just called the bridge, they said this call is not scheduled for another few hours

  Kim Davies: (11:29) "1pm Central"

  Brenda Brewer: (11:29) Elise, please test sound, it should work on Adobe.

  Brenda Brewer: (11:30) having op start recordings

  elise gerich: (11:31) ok - I am talking

  Bart Boswinkel: (11:31) Hi all On teh call

  elise gerich: (11:32) sound not working on adobe connect - for me to speak.  I will debug as Kim speaks.

  elise gerich: (11:32) hearing is fine - speaking is not working

  elise gerich: (11:32) I will dial into the call

  Bernard Turcotte - staff support: (11:32) @EG - ok

  Jeffrey Eckhaus: (11:33) I am trying to join the call . is the passcode is DTA or DTM ?

  Brenda Brewer: (11:33) DTA

  Jeffrey Eckhaus: (11:33) thanks

  Jeffrey Eckhaus: (11:33) the invite had DTM

  elise gerich: (11:37) on the phone and hopefully can speak when it is appropriate

  elise gerich: (11:38) when we get to the question about the flowchart I would like to be in the queue to speak.  thanks.

  Bernard Turcotte - staff support: (11:39) Elise will get to you in a few minutes

  Kim Davies: (11:50) Be mindful that other design teams are looking at the architecture between IANA, NTIA and Verisign, and that process will inform process changes that will flow into what SLAs/SLEs make sense

  Bart Boswinkel: (11:51) @Kim: +1

  elise gerich: (11:52) is the email for requesting information that is not presently published today

  elise gerich: (11:54) Thanks for the offer to visit the office on Thursday, Apr 9th - however, that is the day of the root KSK key signing ceremony, so we are unable to entertain you on Thursday

  Paul Kane: (11:56) Don't we know it.  The deadline has had me working 18 hours per day :-)

  Kim Davies: (11:58) Bernie: +1

  Jeffrey Eckhaus: (12:01) need to drop off. thanks for listening

  Paul Kane: (12:05) Thanks all .... have a good eve

  elise gerich: (12:05) Thank you and bye

  Kim Davies: (12:05) This is great, thanks

  Bart Boswinkel: (12:05) Bye all

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