CWG IANA Stewardship Transition

Step-by-Step Process for a CWG Design Team

Step 1

Proponent / Lead completes the template (see Annex I) with all of the minimum required information; proposed title, summary description, detailed description, proposed membership (description of expertise required, e.g. ccTLD registry rep, technical expert) and reference to relevant section of the draft transition proposal

Step 2

Proponent / Lead submits the completed template to the CWG mailing list

Step 3

Co-Chairs of CWG review template for completeness and may ask proponent / lead for additional details prior to further review

Step 4

Co-Chairs of CWG to review proposal within two working days of receiving the proposal, taking into account any comments or suggestions that may have been received on the CWG mailing list in response to the DT proposal

Step 5

Co-Chairs of the CWG share their recommendation on whether to proceed with the DT or reject the DT proposal stating their rationale for doing so with the CWG

Step 6

If the recommendation is to proceed with the DT, the Co-Chairs will assign the DT a priority from 1 to 3, where 1 is the highest level

Step 7

Priority 1 recommendations will move forward to a call for volunteers. Call for volunteers will close after two working days (23.59 UTC of the second working day)

Step 8

Volunteers for the DT are expected to share their Statement of Interest (SOI) or provide a link to the existing SOI as well as their qualification for the DT with the CWG mailing list (SOIs will also be linked on the Wiki)

Step 9

The Co-Chairs, in co-ordination with the DT Lead, will review the volunteers that have come forward and determine the membership of the DT, ensuring sufficient expertise and a balanced membership (Note: a DT should typically involve at least 5 participants, but not more than 7)

Step 10

The DT will be convened by the DT Lead as soon as possible to commence its deliberations and is expected to report back to the full CWG on a regular basis (at least once a week, during a full CWG call).

Step 11

The DT will submit proposed language for inclusion in the relevant section of the draft transition proposal, for review by the CWG, ideally within 2 weeks from start

Step 12

If generally accepted by the CWG, the agreed language will be included into the transition proposal and the DT decommissioned (unless there are other linked tasks that need to be completed)


  • Proponents / Leads are expected to have reviewed the draft transition proposal V2.0 to ensure that the proposed DT is relevant to completing the draft transition proposal;
  • Proponents / Leads are encouraged to make sure that the scope is as narrow and specific as possible to allow for progress in a short timeframe (if additional work is foreseen on the same topic, this could be identified in the proposal as subsequent steps for the same DT);
  • Volunteers for DTs are expected to be able to commit the necessary time to participate actively in the DT (for those interested in observing the conversations, please note that the mailing lists are publicly archived and any calls will be recorded and transcribed);
  • Volunteers may be existing members / participants of the CWG or external volunteers that meet the requirements. However, to ensure that the DT is familiar with previous discussions and materials, at a minimum the DT lead is expected to be a CWG member or participant;
  • The Co-Chairs will make a determination of how many DTs can be in operational simultaneously. It is the expectation that no more than three DTs will be in operation at the same time. If one DT completes its work, the Chairs will review which DTs are in the funnel and should proceed next (by priority).


Annex I – DT Proposal Template


Design Team Name

[Provide a name for your design team]

Draft Transition Proposal Reference

[Provide the reference to the section in the draft transition proposal which the Design Team’s work would be focused on]

Summary Description

[Provide a summary description of the scope and expected deliverables of the Design Team]

Detailed description

[Provide a detailed description of the scope and expected deliverables of the Design Team]

Proposed Membership

[Provide proposed membership composition of the Design Team, e.g. 2 ccTLD registry representatives, 1 technical expert]

Proposed by / Lead

[Provide name of proposer / lead]


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