Questions proposed to GAC Chair. Unconfirmed so far.


Topic 1. Public Interest Commitments and Policy Advisory Boards

The GAC Leadership has discussed this topic with the ALAC at previous
ICANN meetings. The GAC communiqué has made recommendations with regards
to Category 1 Top Level Domains. What follow-up activity has there been
with regards to these domains?
Are GAC members concerned by the current mixed message regarding the
public interest that Public Interest Commitments (PICs) appear to have a
very basic part that is part of the Registry Agreement (Specification
11) and one unclear part that some purport to be "voluntary"?
Has the GAC considered the mandatory need of Policy Advisory Boards for
Category 1 TLDs?

Topic 2. IANA Stewardship Transition

The GAC has five representatives and the ALAC two representatives on the
IANA Coordinating Group (ICG).

The ALAC angle to the topic of IANA Stewardship Transition is that the
transition should sustain an accountability and transparency regime of
all operational communities that supports the Public Interest. This
mechanism should be accountable to everybody including Internet end users.

Since the GAC is the other body that defends the Public Interest, what
components to the proposal does the GAC believe should be included in
the final proposal to sustain the Public Interest?

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