This page contains Questions about CROPP not elsewhere answered within Program Operations.

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Trip Proposal/Allocation Questions

 I am a member of the NCSG, but I do not belong to the NCUC or NPOC. How can I participate in this program since trips appear to be allocated only to Constituencies?

 Who is supposed to provide the Trip Assessment?

Regional Questions

 For transparency purposes, what criteria will the Stakeholder Engagement VPs use in determining whether proposed outreach events will be approved?

 Can you please define, for the purposes of this program, what is a “Region”? There are five official U.N. regions; however, there are eight operational regions as shown on the CROPP Contacts page. For example, what happens if a traveler is leaving from New Zealand and traveling to the Pacific Islands? That is only one official ICANN region, but would involve two Stakeholder Engagement VPs? 

 Trip Proposals are supposed to be consistent with regional strategies; however, do they exist and, if so, where can we find them?

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