NARALO Monthly Teleconference - Singapore 24 March NARALO Meeting in Singapore

Date: Monday, 24 March 2014 7:00 a.m. Local time. That is SUNDAY 23 March 4 p.m. PT west coast US and 1900h/7 p.m. ET East coast

Time: X:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)  

How can I participate in this meeting? 1(800)550-68651(800)550-6865 , Teleconference ID: 1638

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Staff:  Silvia Vivanco, Gisella Gruber

Call management: Gisella Gruber

Action Items: Action Items 24 March 2014

Transcript: EN 

Recording:  EN    


1.       Welcome And Roll Call

2.       Review of Action Items

3.       Overview of Singapore Meeting

    3.1. TOR and Alternate DNS

    3.2. Accessibility Taskforce

    3.3. Other Sessions of Interest

4.       Outreach and CROPP

    4.1. Updates on Recruitment

    4.2. New Recommendations

    4.3. Municipal gTLD Applicants Group

5.       NARALO Spotlight: Anthony Niiganii – Telecommunities

6.       Committee and Working Group Reports

7.       ALAC Business

8.       ICANN Functions

    8.1. Ongoing Compliance Issues

    8.2. Domain Hijacking

9.       AOB

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