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n/aALAC Correspondence to Fadi Chehadé Regarding the Brazil SummitSubmittedEvan Leibovitch (NARALO)n/an/an/an/an/an/an/aFadi Chehadé 



Please click here to download a copy of the PDF below.

Proposed Text

Fadi Chehade,

Dear Fadi.

The ALAC welcomes the announcement by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and you of a major summit of government, civil society, academia and business to take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2014.  We congratulate your acting on the recommendations offered in the 2012 ALAC White Paper, “Making ICANN Relevant, Responsive and Respected”, both regarding the proposed summit and in the recent Montevideo statement made by you and other Internet leaders.

The ICANN global At-Large community looks forward to actively contributing to this effort, in building upon the kind of real change identified and addressed in the Paper. You can count on our help and support in creating a truly diverse, inclusive and purposeful event.
the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee
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  1. That would be a "correspondence", not a "Statement", wouldn't it?

    1. Yes, to the extent that the letter would (I hope) be endorsed by all of ALAC and not just be a personal correspondence from the Chair.

  2. Do you think maybe adding one extra sentence that gives a label to the contents of the paper - so they are not forced to read it to get the idea - a good idea?



  3. Support the concept. Minor suggested edits: 

    • Link to "Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation" should be included
    • Would like to include a link to an announcement regarding the proposed Internet Summit in Brazil, but not finding it on ICANN's website.
    • "to take place next year in Rio de Janeiro" to "to take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2014"



      Found the link to the Tweet by the Brazilian President : : 


      So the hyperlink text  "to take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2014" which points to the Montevideo agreement should be removed and the text "announcement by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff" with a link to added instead.

      Text itself is good. 

      1. Thanks, Dev. I've incorporated your change.

  4. Anonymous

    My comment: the declaration of Uruguay  was an interesting move to strength the multistakeholder against the multilateralism  growing in the world. The letter may bring some misunderstanding related to the emphasis related to government participation in equal level. how can this work since government by principle can not be represented one by the other. don't know how it will be used in the future.

    1. Vanda, there is nothing in the letter that pre-supposes emphasis, so I'm not sure where you see "misunderstanding". We just want to applaud the initiative and work to ensure that the interest of end users is well represented in the Summit and its results.

  5. Anonymous

    sorry,Vanda Scartezini made the comment above and this one