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  • November 2013 Message Points Covering New gTLD Program, Internationalized Domain Names, WHOIS, Policy Development and DNS Security & Stability.

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ICANN and the New gTLD Program (updated December 2013)

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ICANN & the Internet Ecosystem

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What is ICANN?

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What is WHOIS? (Covers what WHOIS is today and the EWG recommendations for replacement)

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What is the Governmental Advisory Committee?

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Supporting a Healthy, Stable, Resilient Internet

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L-Root: Expanding Distribution in Africa

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Africa Strategy Update

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New gTLD Program Basics

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New gTLD Program Update (updated 29 October 2013)

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Domain Name System/DNSSEC

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Fostering Multistakeholder Internet Governance Models in the Region

English (PPTX, 6.4 MB) final version

Internet Governance After the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunication Regulations

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