At the conclusion of CROPP FY-14, the Program Administrators prepared a comprehensive analysis and review of the program's performance which has been uploaded in PDF form:

CROPP-FY14 Administrator's Summary Report


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  1. Interesting  strategy.  Earlier  this year   Murray and myself  submitted an Naralo Outreach proposal for the 2014 Budget and we built into the  proposal S.M.A.R.T  metrics or  Results Based Measurements  in the activiites.  with an onus on North American targeted events.  If you don't have access to the proposal we can send it to you.  

    The proposal is very similar to the objectives of the new program which is purposeful in it's intent and targeted with results.  As an experienced Trade Show organizer and participant as a vendor  you need to be well prepared and you need to tailor the message to the right audience. This is why specific events need to be identified and plannned.  ie. booth space, signage, speaker opportunity, staffing etc.   For example  the  Internet Society of Canada  (ISOC) recently did the  CIRA  Canadian Internet Forum  in Montreal and will be doing  IETF in Vancouver and the IP Summit in Toronto  with the aim to raise awareness and membership.  


    Glenn McKnight

  2. The feedback below was sent to the CROPP Administrators from Tijani BEN JEMAA on 19 April 2014 and is posted here on his behalf.

    As I told you in Singapore, I would like to make some suggestions to improve the CROPP program in case it is renewed for FY15.

    Regional location of the outreach trip

    I do understand the reason for which the restriction of the outreach location was imposed. But certain problems arose for certain regions. To explain it, and since I belong to 2 regions (AFRICA and Middle east) it might be interesting for me to undertake outreach in Africa, but also in the middle east region (Lebanon for example). So it would be preferable to make the restriction wider for certain cases.  

    Visa and registration fees

    For the pilot program, it’s understandable that those expenses are not covered. But it can’t be continued: There is no reason that the traveler pays by his/her own money those additional charges while he/she is serving the interest of the organization.

    Duration of the trip

    For a better efficiency, I think that the duration of the trip shouldn’t be limited sharp. We can keep the 2 nights/3days, but let the possibility of extension according to the importance of the event or the work undertook; the extension should be the decision of CROPP staff team and the RALO leadership during the application evaluation

    Framework of the trip

    The CROPP program is now restricted to outreach in an existing event. I do think that we can also do successful outreach out of any existing event; we can for example provoke meetings or events ourselves (well prepared in advance) and make targeted contacts (even personalized) for better effeciency  

    I hope my proposals help you in improving this wonderful program and pertaining it.

    Tijani BEN JEMAA

    Executive Director
    Mediterranean Federation of Internet Associations (FMAI)
    Phone:  + 216 41 649 605
    Mobile: + 216 98 330 114
    Fax:       + 216 70 853 376


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