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  2. Review the input in the google doc at:
  3. Review of the updated recommendations report
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CCOICI Recommendations Report WGSA - updated 30 November 2022.docx


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Notes/ Action Items

HOMEWORK/ACTION ITEMS: Staff to send the final draft of the Recommendations Report to the group for review.


  1. Welcome

2. Review the input in the Google doc at: []:

a.                   Suggestion

Corresponding Comments

An additional option is added to the question relating to Primary Organizational Affiliation, namely that in addition to “At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)”, there is also the option to select “At-Large Community”


  • No objections to the suggestion.   Seems fair to include that.

a.                   Suggestion

Corresponding Comments

Whether it should be possible for respondents who choose to, to have their name published in the summary report.

Jeff Neuman (during GNSO Council February meeting)   

Manju Chen

a.                   Agree

b.                   disagree

when there are a defined number of members in a WG, letting people choose to have their names published risks revealing the identities of those who don’t. 

Susan Payne 

a.                   agree

b.                   disagree

b) I can see pros and cons of disclosing names, but I tend to agree with Manju’s comments above.  Unwillingness to go on the record and/or concerns about retaliation may discourage frank feedback if the respondent is concerned about the disclosure of their identity


  • Group members generally agree.
  • Could say that people can include names if only everyone opts in.  But we seldom if ever have 100 percent participation.
  • We can accomplish this in other ways.
  • Staff will remove the redlines related to this.

3. Review of the attached updated recommendations report:

Next Steps:

  • The only new changes to the Recommendations Report would be relating to the public comment and link to the discussion table.
  • Staff to send the final draft of the report to the group for review.
  • Tied to changes recommended by the SOI TF – send all changes to the GNSO Operating Procedures to the Council at the same time, either January or February 2023.
  • Once approved by the GNSO Council the new version of the Procedures will be published.

ACTION ITEM: Staff to send the final draft of the Recommendations Report to the group for review.

4. AOB: None.

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