Welcome to the workspace of the Council Committee for Overseeing and Implementing Continuous Improvement!

GNSO Council leadership started conversations with the GNSO Council and GNSO community, via Stakeholder Group and Constituency Chairs, on how to address several items on the Council's Action Decision Radar (ADR) 0-1 month timeframe dealing with process and procedural improvements such as Accountability Work Stream 2, Accountability and Transparency Review Team 3 and PDP 3.0. The GNSO Framework for Continuous Improvement Pilot was initiated in June 2021 to determine whether the framework, as outlined here, could serve as an approach for dealing with this various projects that are focussed on improvements to GNSO processes and procedures. This pilot will focus on two specific topics, namely 1) a review of the GNSO Statement of Interest and 2) a review of the GNSO Working Group Self-Assessment Survey. 

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