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At-Large Workspace: Initial Report on the Second CSC Effectiveness Review01 December 2022ADOPTEDOFB-WG

Holly Raiche 

08 November 202221 November 202221 November 202228 November 202201 December 2022bart.boswinkel@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1022-04-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Registration Data Consensus Policy for gTLDs21 November 2022ADOPTEDCPWGHadia Elminiawi and Alan Greenberg 

21 November 202228 November 202230 November 2022globalsupport@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1022-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Proposed Amendments to the SLA for the IANA Numbering Services18 November 2022NO STATEMENTCPWG

At-Large Workspace: Draft IANA and PTI FY24 Operating Plan and Budgets17 November 2022ADOPTEDOFB-WGRicardo Holmquist and Holly Raiche 15 September 202223 October 202225 October 202230 October 202231 October 2022planning@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0922-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Proposed Amendments to the Base gTLD RA and RAA to Add RDAP Contract Obligations16 November 2022NO STATEMENTCPWG

At-Large Workspace: Proposed Updates to the GNSO Operating Procedures15 November 2022ADOPTEDOFB-WGCheryl Langdon-Orr Justine Chew 07 November 202208 November 202209 November 202213 November 202214 November 2022policy-staff@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1022-03-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency Charter Amendments14 November 2022NO STATEMENTOFB-WG

At-Large Workspace: Pilot Holistic Review Draft Terms of Reference10 November 2022ADOPTEDOFB-WG (Prioritization Subteam)Prioritization Subteam30 August 202211 October 202212 October 202218 October 202225 October 2022jason.kean@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0822-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: Universal Acceptance Roadmap for Domain Name Registry and Registrar Systems31 October 2022ADOPTEDCPWGSatish Babu 21 October 202223 October 202225 October 202230 October 202231 October 2022sarmad.hussain@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-1022-02-00-EN
At-Large Workspace:Initial Report on the Transfer Policy Review - Phase 1(a)02 August 2022ADOPTEDCPWGSteinar Grøtterød 21 June 202222 July 202226 July 202229 July 202211 August 2022emily.barabas@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0722-01-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: EPDP 2 (SSAD) ALAC Response to the Board's Understanding of the ALAC's Response to the Board's Clarifying Questions on the ALAC Advice03 June 2022


15Y, 0N, 0A

See: ALAC Advice to the ICANN Board on the System for Standardized Access/Disclosure to Non-Public Domain Name Registration Information (SSAD)


Alan Greenberg 

26 May 202229 May 202231 May 2022

At-Large Workspace: The ALAC Response to ICANN Org Clarifying Questions on the ALAC Advice on the Travel Acknowledgement22 May 2022ADOPTED

Marita Moll Alan Greenberg Gregory Shatan 02 January 0012

05 June 2022

02 June 2022

AL-ALAC-ST-0422-01-00 EN
At-Large Workspace: Root Zone Label Generation Rules Version 5 (RZ-LGR-5)05 May 2022No StatementCPWGTBC,

At-Large Workspace: ALAC Advice to the Board on the ICANN74 Travel Acknowledgement01 May 2022The Statement was agreed by the ALAC ALAC 

Maureen Hilyard Marita Moll 

28 April 202201 May 2022

At-Large Workspace: ALAC Response to the GNSO Questions on DNS Abuse27 April 2022


See: ALAC Final Response to the GNSO Questions on DNS Abuse

CPWGAlan Greenberg 28 March 2022

At-Large Workspace: Root Zone Update Process Study25 April 2022No StatementCPWGTBC

At-Large Workspace: Policy Status Report: Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)19 April 2022No StatementCPWGTBC

At-Large Workspace: Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) Study 2 Documents18 March 2022No StatementCPWGJonathan Zuck

ICANN org Contact(s)

At-Large Workspace: Proposal for Myanmar Script Root Zone Label Generation Rules03 March 2022No StatementCPWGTBC

ICANN org Contact(s):

At-Large Workspace: ICANN Bylaws Amendments: ccNSO-Proposed Changes to Article 10 and Annex B02 March 2022


Consensus Call


Holly Raiche Otieno Barrack

ICANN org Contact(s)

At-Large Workspace: Additional Unicode Scripts for Support in Internationalized Domain Names15 February 2022No Statement (Confirmed via At-Large IDN WG mailing list)CPWGTBC

Sarmad Hussain

At-Large Workspace: ICANN Draft FY23-27 Operating and Financial Plan and Draft FY23 Operating Plan and Budget07 February 2022


15Y, 0N, 0A


Holly Raiche

Ricardo Holmquist

Marita Moll

20 January 202227 January 202208 February 202211 February 2022

At-Large Workspace: EPDP Phase 2A Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration13 January 2022

No Statement

ALAC provided advice on the topic.

Note: Alan Greenberg submitted a comment as ALAC representative to the PDP.


At-Large Workspace: ALAC Responses to ICANN Board Clarifying Questions: ALAC Advice on Subsequent Procedures12 January 2022


15Y, 0N, 0A

ALAC Consensus Call held (16-18 February).


Justine Chew

Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Olivier Crepin-Leblond

Jonathan Zuck

19 January 202225 January 202216 February 202218 February 202222 February 2022At-Large Staff & Board ARR TeamAL-ALAC-ST-0222-02-00-EN
At-Large Workspace: ccNSO Proposed Policy on the Retirement of ccTLDs12 January 2022


15Y, 0N, 0A

Requested 1-week extension to 19 January.


Hadia Elminiawi

Otieno Barrack

12 January 202214 January 202214 January 202218 January 202219 January 2022bart.boswinkel@icann.orgAL-ALAC-ST-0122-01-00-EN

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