Organizing Committee :

Sylvia Herlein Leite LACRALO IDN-UA WG
Dennis Tan UASG
Daniel FinkICANN - STAFF
Mohamed ElbashirICANN - STAFF
Silvia Vivanco ICANN - STAFF


We realize that UA is a very important issue and there is a lot of misinformation in our region.
In LACRALO we have 4 sub regions. We divide the region in order to guarantee more participation, diversity and a continued work.
Firstly we ´d like to have at least 2 UA ambassador in each regions, for make know the importance of UA not only to our ALSs members but also to others parts of it world like hosting and developers.
Secondly we want to spread the word to all technical students and with the help of our more than 60 organizations we will reach them.

Universal Acceptance Awareness and Training Sessions:

  • Introduction to Universal Acceptance (UA)
  • Email Addresses Internationalization (EAI) Configuration - Mail System Admin, Technical members
  • Universal Acceptance (UA) for Java Developers - Developers, Tehnical 

Dates: 5 MEETINGS  - (every Tuesday since May 4th 22:00UTC ) 

Tuesday May 4   - Introduction to UA - Dennis Tan Tanaka, Daniel Fink (GSE LAC Engagement)

Recording (Spanish): (Passcode: DbF!Z59ypP) 

Slides ES

Slides EN

Tuesday May 11 - EAI Configuration - Champika Wijayatunga (ICANN's Regional Technical Engagement Manager) 

Recording (Spanish): (Passcode: JiQp!39uej)

Slides ES

Slides EN

Tuesday May 18 - Universal Acceptance (UA) for Java Developers - Sarmad Hussain ( ICANN's IDN's Program Director) and Farah Adeeba (Assistant Professor, KICS University of Engineering and Technology)

Recording (Spanish): Passcode: cr%asad6@?

Slides ES

Slides EN

Tuesday May 25  - How to Engage in UA Activities - Mark Datysgeld 

Recording (Spanish):   Passcode: lpqA1S5C8?

Slides ES

Youtube channel for recordings: 

Audience: Internet users (introduction to UA), programmers, systems analysts, technology students, DNS companies, system administrators, etc.

Topics : INTRODUCTION ICANN and its position with respect to UA. Technical vision of universal acceptance. UA for JAVA developers. EIA training for system administrators

Instructors : Dennis Tan, Daniel Fink, Mark Datysgeld, UA Ambassadors. 

Registration form

Materials : UASG materials

Draft announcement:

Dear all,

On behalf of the LACRALO Universal Acceptance WG and the UASG, we would like to announce the course "LAC Universal Acceptance course"

The course is intended to provide participants with knowledge on Universal Acceptance, providing knowledge on Email address Internationalization configuration and Universal Acceptance for JAVA Developers.

The course will consist of 4 sessions of 90 mins each session, beginning Tuesday May 4th. SEE WIKI page for further details:

Prerequisites for participants . Knowledge and familiarity with :

Programming language JAVA
Email server administration
Other languages or server administration

Note: While this is a technical course, the first session will be on ‘”Introduction to Universal Acceptance”, so people interested in attending the first session only are welcome to register for that session.

Participants who have completed technical sessions will receive a "Certificate of completion" issued by UASG.

Please register at:, you will receive a confirmation email with relevant call information. There will be interpretation into Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Thank you all!

Sylvia Herlein Leite

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