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Issue 1 Work Track Leader(s): Jonathan Zuck with staff support Evin Erdoğdu

Issue 1 Work Track MembersTBC

Listing of Biannual reports to the OEC 

<insert dates>

Template for biannual Reporting of Issue 1 

Initial update report PDF  <June 2019>  Word doc TO BE COMPLETED and SUBJECT to MODIFICATION

Issue 1 - Quality vs Quantity of ALAC Advice

Final Proposal as approved by the Board

Staff, under the direction of At-Large leadership, has already begun to rework the website and Wiki to ensure that our “Policy Advice” pages are accurate and understandable. This will continue as volunteer and staff resources allow. We will also ensure that as documents are published, the classification of the document is clear.


1:1:1 (Low resource needs : Low risk : 1st priority)

ARIWG comments

Fundamentally, this issue is meant to address some confusion inherent in the current presentation of the ALAC document database. There are two main issues to address:

  1. Confusion about the type of document (ie  “Advice” vs “Comment”)

  2. The “End user” justification for intervention.

Accordingly, staff together with At-Large leadership will categorize the existing documents (as advice, public comment, correspondence, etc.) in a more granular fashion and provided enhanced tools with which to filter search results based on these categories.  Furthermore, staff will create a new field in the database for “End User Issue” and At-Large leadership will populate this field both in current documents and those generated going forward.

With these simple modifications, it should be easier for a Wiki visitor to peruse the work of the At-large and to quickly understand the rationale for creating individual documents.

Status of improvement effort / staff lead

Already underway, continuous improvement to continue / Heidi Ullrich; Evin Erdoğdu

Activities, if any, on which implementation is dependent, or that are dependent on implementation of this recommendation


Who will implement the recommendation: ICANN community, ICANN Board, ICANN Organization, other?

ICANN Staff in conjunction with ALAC/At-Large Leadership

Anticipated resource requirements (FTEs, tools)

  • Initially up to 40-50 hours of staff time between Jan 2019 through to June 2019 to improve clarity of wiki and web pages.

  • When additional staffing resources are made available under Issue 3 Implementation, policy advice development work and communication will be a primary focus of existing staff resource time freed up from other activities.

  • Differentiate between advice and comments, potentially other categories (i.e. correspondence).

  • Develop communication of revisions to the pages to end users

Expected budget implications

Initially no additional, beyond already allocated, resources to At-Large.

However, as noted in Issue 3, additional staff resources are needed for any ongoing work deemed necessary.

Proposed implementation steps:

  1. Finalize categorization of previous statements (comments, advice, correspondence, etc.)

  2. Rename Sub Type to Document Type

  3. Populate list options for document type based on document categorization exercise

  4. Populate the “End User Interest” (EUI) field for previous comments

  5. Begin logging EUI going forward.


  1. Clear and Accurate Distinction between statement types.

  2. Statements filterable by type

  3. Populated EUI fields.

How long will it take to implement this plan?

Implementation on this matter had already begun prior to ARIWG activity and is part of the ALACs continuous improvement process. Work will continue throughout 2019 and 2020 before formal review in 2021.

Issue 1 Progress Chart  

NOTE: the example Dashboard Report from WS2 of ICANN Accountability CCWG is an exemplar of the TYPE of dashboard/reporting that we recommend be utilised for reporting ARIWG progress to the ICANN Community as well as for inclusion in aggregated terms to the regular reporting /update to the OEC biannually.

The At-Large Review Implementation dashboard aims to update the ICANN Community about the progress of the work of the At-Large Review Implementation Working Group (ARIWG).




Work is now completed.


Jan 2020 ARIWG Dashboard


Dec 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Nov 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Oct 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Sep 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Aug 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jul 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jun 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Report due to the Board - 23 June


May 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Report drafts should be ready by May 23 with sub-tasks completed


Apr 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

AG to advise JZ/EE on historical ALAC policy statements, to categorize as comments vs advice.


Mar 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Feb 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jan 2019 ARIWG Dashboard
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