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1. First nations Mentoring Program- in progress. Heidi Ullrich and Silvia Vivanco to follow up
2.  VIBUG - Silvia Vivanco following up with Laura and Garth - in progress
3. Decertification -  NARALO is ready to move forward with decertification. Garth Bruen and Evan Leibovitch to populate the wiki page created for this purpose with background information on this.
4.  ARIN agreement - Glenn McKnight to follow up and provide an update ARIN MOU to be distributed to the list
5. Judith Hellerstein  accepted designation as NARALO Vice Chair.

6.The following items will be dealt with during the next monthly meeting:

a.  Items  please Advise of the status of Garth G. Travel Reimbursement (Received, confirmed, complete)
b. . Staff: please report to the Chair and Secretary on the official voting history and call attendance of and Web405
c.  Re-engagement of Consumer Web Watch (as Consumers Union) attempted by Chair
d.  Staff: Please Advise of the status of Robert C. Travel Reimbursement (2nd Call)