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The new CEO seems determined to avoid charges of insularity in the planning process. He gave a clear outline of what the corporate thinking is, the context of the process - AOC being top of mind - and how he would wish the community to engage. They were well-prepared to accept feedback on the fly.Carlton
ICANN's focus: Preserve DNS Stability & Security;Promote Competition,Trust..;Excel in IANA Operations; Maintain longterm role in Internet Eco-system.
ICANN's Strategic Projects: DNSSEC, Monitor Root Scaling, DNS CERT, IDNs, New TLD, IPv4/IPV6, internalize -governance structure & operationss, policy
Majority votes on removing the "Bridging the Digital Divide" from the list of strategic priorities for 2010-2013 Strategic Plan.
ICANN's strategic priorities in a simple online survey: Removed

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A question came up about recall of the NomCom members that are selected for ALAC. Is there any mechanism in place? It doesn’t sound like any criteria have been set in this regard and this needs to be looked into.
Report made by Darlene Thompson
Majority of members in favor of keeping the NomCom size as it is currently.
Report for Public Comment until 22 November 2009 - Removed

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