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At-Large Delegates to the NomCom for 2011

ICANN's Nominating Committee asked the At-Large Advisory Committee to submit a list with ALAC delegates from each of ICANN's five geographic regions. Voting members of the NomCom are appointed for a one year term, starting after the close of the Annual General Meeting 2010 and ending at the close of the Annual General Meeting 2011, and may be re-appointed for a further term of one year subject to the requirement under the ICANN Bylaws.

According to the adopted timeline for NomCom elections, the RALOs will transmit all accepted regional nominations to the ALAC on or before August 31st 2010. The RALOs may also make a recommendation of a preferred candidate to the ALAC if they wish to do so. Please find the detailed timetable and current regional nominations below.

Individuals representing ALAC who served on the 2010 Nominating Committee are listed below.

Yaovi Atohoun (Africa)
Hong Xue (Asia, Australasia and Pacific)*
Jose Ovidio Salgueiro (Latin America and Caribbean)
Olivier Crepin-LeBlond (Europe)
Eduardo Diaz (North America)

Individuals having served two consecutive terms and may not be reappointed are marked with an asterisk *

Suggested timetable for the selection of 2011 ALAC NomCom Delegates:

The ALAC ExCom suggested the following timetable for nominations and recommendations for the NomCom Delegate positions:

1. Nominations Open: No later than 23 July 2010
2. Nominations Close: on or before 6 August 2010
3. Nomination Acceptance Deadline: on or before 10 August 2010
4. Voting Period RALOs to select preferred candidate (if required): 11 August 2010 to 15 August 2010
5. ALAC Notification: RALOs to transmit all accepted nominations, with a recommendation for a preferred candidate if the RALO wishes to provide one: 16 August 2010 (APRALO extended to 23 August)
6. ALAC Endorsement Vote at ALAC Meeting: 24 August 2010
7. Notification to NomCom of Appointees: No Later than 31 August 2010

What does the NomCom do?

The Nom Com is responsible for the selection of all ICANN Directors except the President and those selected by ICANN's Supporting Organizations, and for such other selections as are set forth in the ICANN Bylaws. (Bylaws Article VII, Section 1)

The Nom Com is charged with populating a portion of the ICANN Board as noted above, as well as the ALAC, the ccNSO Council and GNSO Council. The Nom Com complements the other means for filling a portion of key ICANN leadership positions achieved within the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees.

The Nominating Committee is designed to function independently from the Board, the Supporting Organizations, and Advisory Committees. Nominating Committee members act only on behalf of the interests of the global Internet community and within the scope of the ICANN mission and responsibilities assigned to it by the ICANN Bylaws.

Members contribute to the Nominating Committee both their understanding of the broad interests of the Internet as a whole and their knowledge and experience of the concerns and interests of the Internet constituencies which have appointed them. The challenge for the Nominating Committee is to integrate these perspectives and derive consensus in its selections. Although appointed by Supporting Organizations and other ICANN entities, individual Nominating Committee members are not accountable to their appointing constituencies. Members are, of course, accountable for adherence to the Bylaws and for compliance with the rules and procedures established by the Nominating Committee.

Obligations and Responsibilities of NomCom Members

The obligation and requirement of NomCom members are outlined in the NomCom members - Obligations and Requirements

Received Nominations

Election Result

Nominees for NomCom


Nominated by

Supported by*

Date Nominees accepted


Jose Ovidio Salgueiro (José is the regionally recommended candidate)


Jose Ovidio Salgueiro

Matías Altamira, Carlos Vera

23 July 2010


Yaovi Atohoun (Yaovi is the regionally recommended candidate)


Tijani Ben Jeema

Baudouin Schombe,Khaled Koubaa, Fatimata Seye Sylla, Dave Kissoondoyal, Aziz Hilali, Mohamed El Bashir, Shaarawy Abd Elbaky, Michel Tchonang, Didier Kasolé, Hawa Diakité, Arnold Mulenda

04 August 2010


Eduardo Diaz (Eduardo is the regionally recommended candidate)


Eduardo Diaz

Gareth Shearman, Darlene Thompson

24 July 2010


Siranush Vardanyan


Cheryl Langdon-Orr


09 August 2010


Dr. V.C. Vivekanandan (Vivek is the regionally recommended candidate)


Nirmol Agarwal


8 August 2010


Yrjö Länsipuro (Yrjö is the regionally recommended candidate)


Wolf Ludwig

Sebastien Bachollet, Olivier Crepin-Leblond

9 August 2010

(star) In accordance with the selection process outline, it is not necessary to second a nomination in order for it to be valid*