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Board approves the redelegation proposed redelegation of the .DM (Dominica) ccTLD to domain to the DotDM Corporation.



It is hereby RESOLVED (07.64), that the proposed redelegation of the .DM domain to DotDM Corporation is approved.

Implementation Actions

  • Redelegate .DM to DotDM CorporationProceed with redelegation process pursuant to IANA Functions processes.
    • Responsible entity:  IANA Functions Department
    • Due date:  None specifiedPer IANA Functions processes
    • Implementation date:  Completed per IANA Functions processesCompletion date: 2007

Other Related Resolutions

  • Board Resolution 00.13, adopted on 10 March 2000, whereby the Board authorized the President and staff to work with the ccTLD managers, Governmental Advisory Committee, and other interested parties to prepare draft language for ccTLD contracts, policy statements, and/or communications.
  • Board Resolution 01.37, adopted on 13 March 2001, whereby the Board directed ICANN management to complete drafts of legacy agreements, and to pursue, as needed, acceptable ccTLD agreements.
  • Other resolutions TBD.

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