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To build strong leadership skills within At-Large that will develop competent, visionary and policy-focused leaders who will not only advocate for the rights and interests of Internet end-users within ICANN, but also appropriately represent  the interests of ICANN within their local and global outreach and engagement.


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AFRALO- Beran Dondeh Gillen
AFRALO- Hadia Eliminiawi- confirmed


APRALO-Narine Khachatryan

EURALO- Sebastien Bachollet-Confirmed
EURALO- Matthieu Camus- confirmed

LACRALO- Vanda Scartezini- confirmed
LACRALO- Vrikson Ivan Acosta- confirmed

NARALO- Glenn McKnight- confirmed
NARALO- Judith Hellerstein -confirmed

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Assess the tasks and assign yourself to the individual tasks