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B. Operational planning (related to Rec. 5)

B.S - Strengths                                                                          STRENGTHS                                                                          

B.S.1 - Membership diversity can bring talent
B.S.2 - Local organizational knowledge brings unbiased view of operations: 
    1. Lower costs of implementation 
    2. Local political insight
B.S.3 - Local community input: 
    1. Grassroots input 
    2. RALO involvement is an asset   
B.S.4 - On-the-ground, workable and well-defined actions 
B.S.5 - At-Large uses electronic tools to bring its members' different backgrounds and experiences to bear on planning process

B.W - Weaknesses                                                                   WEAKNESSES                                                                   

B.W.1 - At-Large reacts slowly
B.W.2 - At-Large maturity still not completely achieved
B.W.3 - Translations: 
    1.  Number is limited
    2.  Delays exist

B.O - Opportunities                                                                     OPPORTUNITIES                                                                      

B.O.1 - Strengthen maturity of At-Large by improving processes
B.O.2 - Use At-Large as a powerful communication channel
B.O.3 - At-Large operating plan could be a useful step in preparing an accurate budget
B.O.4 - At-Large's abilities and reach could be used to convey ICANN's message locally
B.O.5 - At-Large could incorporate public participation into ICANN's operational planning
B.O.6 - At-Large comments, as result of consensus-based process, should be considered by ICANN Board and staff 
B.O.7 - Plans (such as a Second At-Large Summit or RALO GAs) proposed by At-Large should be considered by ICANN

B.T - Threats                                                                          THREATS                                                                            

B.T.1 - Lack of resources (including operational funding, staff headcount, translation services, Web services, conference-call services, other daily logistical needs, etc.) 
B.T.2 - Less operational effectiveness and visibility leading to a lack of volunteer interest
B.T.3 - Lack of volunteers would limit operational planning and capabilities

C. Budget (related to Rec. 6)

C.S - Strengths                                                                            STRENGTHS                                                                            

C.S.1 - Membership diversity can bring talent
C.S.2 - In-house knowledge of budgetary requirements within At-Large
C.S.3 - Improved consultation among the RALOs and their representatives on ALAC
C.S.4 - Cost-effective actions
C.S.5 - Experience sharing among RALOs  
C.S.6 - A bottom-up budget structure for At-Large                                                                     

C.W - Weaknesses                                                                   WEAKNESSES                                                                   

C.W.1 - Lack of established feedback loop from ICANN
C.W.2 - Communication problems ICANN finance
C.W.3 - No possibility of ROI figure - "investing in At Large is like investing in R&D"
C.W.4 - ICANN currently only source of funds for At Large
C.W.5 - Lack of clear funding schedule/calendar with regards to face to face general assemblies introduces uncertainty
C.W.6 - We need to improve our interaction with the staff during the budget planning process.

C.O - Opportunities                                                                         OPPORTUNITIES                                                                         
C.O.1 - ALAC/At-Large could provide information regarding At-Large budgetary needs in a more timely manner and in the required format

C.T - Threats                                                                            THREATS                                                                            

C.T.1 - Limiting ALAC's budget could:
    1.  Directly and severely affect outreach capability
    2.  Allow for fewer or no face-to-face meetings (including but not limited to GAs, ICANN meetings, Summits, RALO meetings, other "inreach" efforts, etc.) 
         a.  Possible consequences could include ALSes' abandoning At-Large, reducing At-Large's usefulness and legitimacy