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This section is to record the meeting attendance.

ALS (Total 24 ::11CA/13US) - Attendance (


08/24 -









1Pacific Community Networks Association/CAAllan SkuceBev Collins
2ISOC DC/USDustin LoupJohn More (P)X
3ISOC PR/PREduardo Díaz (P)Alfredo Calderón (P)X
4Canadian Association for Open Source (CLUE)/CAEvan Leibovitch Mathew Rice
5Foundation For Build. Sustainable Communities/CAGlenn McKnightRobert T Bell
6Greater Toronto Area Linux User Group/CAGordon Chillcott (P)Bill  Thanis
7Association of Internet Users/US :: ALAC 2017-19John LapriseCristina WilllardX
8ISOC NY/USGreg Shatan-X
9Capital Area Globetrotters/USJudith HellersteinLe-Marie ThompsonX
10Consumers Council of Canada/CA

Kenneth L. Whitehurst

Howard Dean

Karen Mulberry Mulberry (P)

12ISOC SF/USLeah Symekher (P)Susannah Gray (P)X
13Native Public Media/USLoris TaylorElyse Dempsey
14Telecommunities Canada/CA Marita Moll (P)Garth Graham
15Communatique/CAMonique Chartrand -
16The IP/Tech. Section of the HI State Bar Assoc./USDavid MorrisDane AndersonX
17ISOC Quebec/CAPierre-Jean Darres Darres (P)Robert Castonguay
18ISOC Canada/CAShelley Robinson Murray McKercher 
X Inc./USThomas Lowenhaupt ( deceased)Robert PollardX
20Hispanic Educational Tech. Services (HETS)/PRYubelkys MontalvoYelixa CastroX
21Nova Scotia Community Access ProgramDana PerryErick Stackhouse
22At-Large North American Graduate Students/USDavid Cristian MorarAnna Cecile Loup X
23Alternatives, Inc.Michel LambertMyriam Cloutier
24Colegio de Ingenieros de Puerto RicoJosé Lebrón (P)Miguel BauzáX

For updates please contact Evin Erdoğdu, At-Large Staff.


RED = Under decertification

Unaffiliated (Total 27 :: 6CA/22US) Attendance (


04/28 -







1Adrian Schmidt (P)
2Alan Greenberg (P)
3Bill Jouris (P)X
4Daniel WrightX
5David Mackey
6Denise de Alcantara-Hochbaum (P)X
7Endrias ZewdeX
8Edward HasbrouckX
9Javier Rúa Jovet X
10Jeongwon RyuX
11Jeremy PesnerX
12Joey Doyle
13Jonathan ZuckX
14Kevin FrazierX
15Kirstin DoanX
16Kristian Stout X
17Linda KaiserX
18Michelangelo De Simone
19Nat CohenX
20Nathalie CoupetX
21Philip RighterX
22Robert Guerra
23Robert JacobiX
24Roland YarbroughX
25Thomas W CampbellX
26Thomas StruettX
27Wes BoudvilleX
28William Cunningham X





Allotted Time/Running Time


Introductory Remarks by NARALO Chair

→: To put the meeting in perspective  and bring-up anything of general interest to the membership:

  • Presentation
    • Universal Acceptance by Dr. Ajay Data
  • Request
    • 2020 Newsletter Editor
  • Update Reports
    • ATLAS III/NASIG updates
    • FY20 NARALO Discretionary Funds
    • NARALO Policy Group Update Report
    • NARALO Outreach Group Update Report
  • Next Meeting: (question) 18 November 2019 @ 19:00 UTC


(00:04 / 00:05)

Universal Acceptance (UA)

Universal Acceptance WG

→  Team responsible for liaising  with the UA Org to educate NARALO in UA concepts and help identify ways on how our RALO and the UA Org could work together to help spread the importance of UA in our region. 

  • For this meeting
    • Introductions

    • Universal Acceptance (UA) presentation by Dr. Ajay Data 

      View file
      nameUA for NARALO - Read-Only.pdf


(00:30 / 00:35)

2020 Newsletter Editor

→: To request volunteers to help with the NARALO newsletter for year 2020. Starting in January 2020. Main responsibility is to acquire content and send it to staff for final assembly and publishing every month.

Eduardo(00:05 / 00:40)

ATLAS III &2019 North America School of Internet Governance (NASIG 2019)

→:To provide an ATLAS III and NASIG update

    • NARALO Participants
      • Adrian Schmidt &  David Mackey
    • ICANN66  Block Schedule
      • View file
        nameICANN66_iScheduler - Session Space_2Oct19.pdf
    • Latest Training Schedule
      • View file
        nameATLAS III Latest Trainning Schedule.pdf
    • ATLAS III Participants Webinar
      • 23 October 2019 @ 13:00 UTC (90 minutes)

  • NASIG 2019 Report sent by Glenn McKnight
    • "NASIG is scheduled for  Oct 31st and Nov 1st 
      We are expecting  50 participants at the event with all the participants fully sponsored for hotel, meals and reception .  Over 80 are from outside of North America and active participation from  the ICANN community including  ATLARGE, NexGen, Fellows,  NPOC, NCUC, Business community .   Other communities include APC, ISOC, Diplo, ISOC, CIRA, .PR, PIR  and more 
      Thanks to the hard work of  our fellow NARALO members including  Alfredo, Judith, Adrian and Eduardo  in providing huge contributions  to the event.  A parallel  Francophone programme by ISOC Quebec is also organized on November 1st.  
      Video of the sessions and  session notes will be distributed for the next  NARALO meeting 
      A separate  event is planned on November 2nd called  GDPR for Citizens and will be held at the Montreal Cohost with a special effort for NARALO outreach to the small business French language community at the venue" 



(00:10 / 00:50)

FY20 NARALO Discretionary Funds

→ To report on the use of the funding for FY20 outreach and engagement activities by Regional At Large Organizations (RALOs) - Current NARALO balance: $3,500

  • Reminder on steps to apply (FY20 RALO Requests for Funding to support an Outreach Activity):  
    1. request form needs to be completed to initiate the process.
    2. The request needs to be reviewed and approved by Regional Leadership prior to sending to ICANN org staff
    3. The request must be sent to Silvia Vivanco and Heidi Ullrich at least three weeks prior to the planned activity. 
    4. Approval (or not) will be informed via email to the organization representative that made the request.
  • For this meeting
    • Update on Adrian Schmidt event moved to January 2020
    • Update on Glenn McKnight GDPR event in November (reported on Item #56 above)



(00:02 / 00:52)

NARALO Policy Group Update Report

→: To provide an update report by the head of the Policy Group as to the ICANN policies being discussed at the moment affecting NARALO end-users and/or interest to NARALO members in general

      •  At-Large Policy Advice Updates


(00:05 / 0057)

NARALO Outreach Group Update Report

→: To provide a summary of the NARALO Outreach Group efforts

  • Remainder of CROP Trips FY20 (1 July 2019 through 20 June 2020)
    1. ARIN
    2. NonprofitTechnology Conference 2020 (NTC 20) March 24/26 @Baltimore,Maryland :: Application deadline is January 10, 2020
    3. Net Digital Inclusion 2020 (NDIA 20), April 7/9 @Portland, Oregon :Application deadline is January 10, 2020
  • For this meeting
    • Update on last Outreach & Engagement Working Group (O&E) meeting


(00:03 / 00:60)

if we get to them...


NARALO ALAC members Update Reports

→: To provide a summary by our current NARALO representatives in ALAC of what was discussed since our last meeting in ALAC regarding policy and anything else that the region should be aware about.


John L.



NARALO Education Group Update Report

→: To provide provide an update report by the head of the Educational Group since our last call.


North America Stakeholder Engagement

→: To provide an update report on North America Stakeholder Engagement efforts

  • Current and future engagements




Student Outreach by  the North American Graduate Students At-Large Structure

→: To provide an updated report on efforts related to outreach University students by this At-Large Structure 

  • F/U syllabus work and Google doc for research material




EPDP on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data

→: To provide an update report on this effort


RIR Outreach

→: To provide a report on RIR outreach efforts


Real-Time Transcription (RTT) 

LEAD: Judith Hellerstein supported by Silvia Vivanco (ICANN Staff)

→  To provide an update report on the results of this resource.

  • FY20 Additional Budget Request (ABR)
    • Approved:
      • Real-Time Transcription (RTT) of up to ten (10) hours of Inter-sessional At-Large teleconference calls in English during FY20
        • Up to date report



to be updated in the future...


Academic Credits

→:To work on ways that we could possibly exchange academic credit for students who participate in ICANN policy development processes





Any Other Business (AOB)

-Next meeting: November 18, 2019 @19:00 UTC-(00:01 / 00:60)


→ 09 September: Report provided. See transcript page 14 for more details.

→ 21 October: → Report provided. Heidi added the following reminders: "However, all of this should be in your RALO’s annual fiscal year outreach and engagement plan that you’ve established and hopefully that’s passed and that’s a requirement for your CROP trip and it should guide you in your activities which events you’re going to go to and also who should be going to best represent NARALO. Also, keep in mind that this year for the additional budget request, the RALO discretionary funding, that is going to require a report at the end of the fiscal year. So, it’s important that you select the people that are going to deliver and have the most success in outreach and engagement activities." See transcript page 28 for more details.

Topic 026:  NARALO ALAC Members Update Reports


→ 09 September: Looking at the charter and process for the CPWG to figure out what the process is for taking in issues and how to do an exploration of whether or not it’s a good issue for the CPWG to take on and to refer it to others if it’s not. Ongoing discussions related to the Subsequent Procedures. This is an ongoing effort and ALAC have particular concerns over making sure the communities and underserved regions are better served by a new round and so we continue to work on those issues. Working on issues related to the new GDPR Regulation in Europe and continue to get updates from Alan and Hadia about what’s going on there because right now they’re trying to explore scenarios that might occur in terms of who might be trying to get Registrant Data and for what reasons and how the system can accommodate that. Ongoing discussions about the Evolution of the MultiStakeholder Model, an effort launched by the Board and shepherded by Brian Cute and we are engaged in conversations about how the MultiStakeholder Model evolves and how to best position At-Large in the interests of individual end users in that evolution. More details in page 12 of the transcript.

→ 21 October: Marita Moll reported on the policy work that she has been working into the evolution of the multi-stakeholder model in ICANN. See transcript page #24 from more details on her report. Adan reported on the EPDP. See transcript page #29 for its report.

Topic 029: NARALO Education Group Update Report


→ 15 July: Overview given. Check recording starting at 1:09 for more details

→ 09 September: Overview given

→ 21 October: Overview given. More details on transcript page #1

Topic 044: North America Stakeholder Engagement


→ 09 September: No report given.

→ 21 October: Report given. See page #29 for details for the report.

Topic 056: ATLAS III & North America School of Internet Governance (NASIG 2019)


→ 09 September: Please refer to transcript page 1 for more details about ATLAS III and page 4 for NASIG 2019.

→ 21 October: Report given. See transcript page #20 for more details.

Topic 059: RIR Outreach

LEAD: Judith Hellerstein


→ 09 September: A reminder of the availability of this $$ was given to the region. See transcript page 11 for more details.

→ 21 Octobre: A reminder of the availability of this $$ was given to the region. See transcript page 23 for more details.

Topic 065: Real-Time Transcription (RTT)


→ 21 October: Presentation was given. See It starts on transcript page # XX for details#3

5. New Discussions

This section is for new discussions in the agenda for this meeting


OPEN: 21 October, CLOSED: 21 October 2019

TYPE: [General], [Outreach]

DESCRIPTION: To request volunteers to help with the NARALO newsletter for year 2020. Starting in January 2020. Main responsibility is to acquire content and send it to staff for final assembly and publishing every month.

→ 21 October: Pierre-Jean Darres will be the new newsletter chief editor starting with the January 2020 edition. See transcript page #19 for more details. Discussion closed.

6. Any Other Business (AOB)