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Work is now completed.


Jan 2020 ARIWG Dashboard

Link to presentation (PDF) of recent activity updates

See WS2 Dashboard for example(s).


Dec 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Nov 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Oct 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Sep 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Aug 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jul 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jun 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Report due to the Board - 23 June


May 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Report drafts should be ready by May 23 with sub-tasks completed

Two goals to address under this issue: 
Confusion about the type of document (ie  “Advice” vs “Comment”)
Work in progress: Historic ALAC Advice & Comments (found on At-Large Policy Summary).
Completed: New Executive Summaries: ALAC Policy Comments & Advice page differentiates between ALAC comment, advice and correspondence, with tags and posts since ICANN60.

Completed: ALAC Advice & Comments marked accordingly since ICANN60 on At-Large website (found on At-Large Policy Summary).
The “End user” justification for intervention
Work in progress: ALAC Hot Policy Topics Document (Jonathan Zuck & Joanna Kulesza to present draft at ICANN65)
Completed: New (ongoing) system of ICANN meeting "Talking Points" for At-Large community members (started at ICANN64), and At-Large Policy Workshop(s) (started at ICANN64).
Completed: At-Large Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) presentation format for penholders, weekly meetings.

  • EE has requested ICANN product development team to update At-Large website with "sub-type" filters.
  • EE/HU to follow up with ICANN Board Ops team on historic ALAC Advice/Statements/Correspondence.


Apr 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

AG to advise JZ/EE on historical ALAC policy statements, to categorize as comments vs advice.


Mar 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Feb 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Implementation steps:

  1. Finalize categorization of previous statements (comments, advice, correspondence, etc.)

  2. Rename Sub Type to Document Type

  3. Populate list options for document type based on document categorization exercise

  4. Populate the “End User Interest” (EUI) field for previous comments

  5. Begin logging EUI going forward.


  1. Clear and Accurate Distinction between statement types.

  2. Statements filterable by type

  3. Populated EUI fields.


Jan 2019 ARIWG Dashboard