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Why is ICANN moving to a new travel provider?

After careful consideration, and based on extensive community feedback from a survey on travel needs, ICANN has selected a new travel provider. 

Who is the new provider?

We have chosen FCM Travel Solutions as ICANN’s new travel provider. FCM’s service is more global, giving you the ability to speak with an agent closer to your geographic region. FCM also gives you more options when creating your travel itineraries  – and more access to regional carriers.  

What is the transition period? When will it be complete?

ICANN has set up a transition period to ensure a smooth changeover to the new provider. The transition was rolled out to ICANN staff on 31 March 2016. We started with ICANN staff so we could work out technical challenges. Now we are introducing the new services to supported community travelers.

Who can answer my questions about this transition?

Email ICANN Constituency Travel:

What are the advantages of moving to FCM Travel Solutions?

FCM’s many benefits include phone and email support through region-based offices (local time zone and language) and an online travel portal with features like:

  • Contact information for FCM agents worldwide
  • Personalized travel profile (e.g., frequent flyer information)
  • Language preference for the site (available in many languages)
  • Ability to submit travel requests through the portal
  • Link to ICANN’s Travel Policy

Can any FCM office help me with my travel booking?

No, you must book and make changes to a travel booking through your assigned FCM office. Assignments are based on geographic proximity.  Each FCM office manages only its assigned travelers; other offices do not have your travel information.

French is not in the list of languages spoken by FCM travel agents. Are there plans to support French?

Currently FCM does not have French-speaking agents, but we are working on this issue.

Travel Policy

Have the ICANN travel guidelines changed as part of this transition?

No, the existing travel guidelines remain the same. For example, all flights much be in coach/economy class, and you must book hotels with ICANN Constituency Travel.

For the complete guidelines, see:



Will FCM Travel Solutions assist me in obtaining a travel visa?

FCM cannot process a visa for you. However, to satisfy visa application requirements, FCM will provide a travel itinerary, and ICANN Constituency Travel will provide a hotel confirmation.

For more information about the visa process, see:

FCM Portal

How do I set up my profile?

All confirmed supported travelers need to create a travel profile in the FCM Travel Solutions portal.  You will receive a self-registration link.

Where do I enter my passport and visa information?

Enter the information on the Passport tab.

How safe is my personal information on the FCM portal?

The FCM portal is a secure site. Your personal information is protected, and your credit card information is masked so agents cannot see the details.  The FCM portal complies with security standards for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

I am getting an error message when I try to register on the FCM portal. What do I do?

Please contact regarding registration error issues.


You can find training presentations and recorded training sessions on the ICANN Community Wiki:

Don’t See Your Question?

Email ICANN Constituency Travel:

We will post all frequently asked questions at: FCM FAQs


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