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Strategy Status 

In order to take advantage of CROPP deliverables in FY16, an Outreach Strategic Plan must be completed, approved internally within the structure/organization, and concurred by the applicable Regional Stakeholder V.P. team no later than 30 September 2015.

Person Completing Form:Glenn McKnight

Outreach Strategy

Outreach Plan
Description and

1.0 Overview

NARALO's  Outreach and Engagement Plan takes a two part approach, First we need to  take  stock of the gaps and opportunities of the existing ALS population. Once this is done we can use the results of the analysis to help shape the Outreach/Engagement plan moving to close the gaps and recruit potential volunteers and also engage the current ALS volunteers we do have.

1.1 Clarity of Plan

To identify the opportunities  to enable some of the NARALO members to outreach to a specific  audiences to educate them on the value of ICANN, ALAC and specifically NARALO. In addition in underserved sectors we will deliberately do outreach for recruitment to become new  ALS's. 

1.2 Attributes of Participants

  • Positive attitude to proactive marketing
  • Confident and supported by  RALO
  • Focused and purposeful
  • Proven track record
  • Preparation of the target market to educate 
  • Awareness of the ICANN ecosystem

1.3 Environmental Factors

  • Research completed on existing ALS participation, absence and issues
  • Event has  opportunities to promote, speaking engagement and networking  opportunities 
  • Match of  NARALO goals and event's mission
  • Endorsement of NARALO of  event schedule

1.4 Skills of Participants

  •  Assumption that the sponsored NARALO member is willing and able to present to an audience, conduct interviews, do radio interviews and more
  • Understand importance of  social media reporting 
  • Prompt reporting of  event and followup

1.5 Plan Implementation Timelines

July               Draft plan prepared

August          Revised plan Passed at August 10th Meeting

September   Adoption of plan and beginning of submission of trips

Oct. to June  Three to Five CROPP  trips

1.6 Proposed  Trips 

This trips listed below are suggestions based upon interest expressed in the past by NARALO Members

Trip ONE


Trip TWO-Submitted  and Approved

Travellers  Glenn McKnight

March 23-25, 2016
2016 Nonprofit Technology
Conference (16NTC)
San Jose, California 

Submitted  Nov 15

Trip Three

Leah Symekher

ARIN Meeting

Montega Bay, Jamaica

April 17-20

( Replaces the South by South West Trip

Trip Four

Traveller Le Marie Thompson

Globe 2016

Date   March 2-4
Location  Vancouver, BC

Trip FIVE  Pending

IGF  USA -Washington DC

Date   July, 2016

Submitted on Nov 25th

Trip SIX


Trip Seven


Date Submitted:05-Jul-2015
Community Confirmation Section

Note: To be completed by a Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) designated by this organization/structure.

The detailed Outreach Strategic Plan has been properly completed per CROPP requirements.YesGlenn McKnight04-Aug-2015Passed by the NARALO membership on August 10, 2015 Passed to VP Chris Modini
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized this Outreach Strategic Plan. YesDev Anand Teelucksingh11-Aug-2015As per notes above
The Outreach Strategic Plan has been concurred by the Stakeholder Engagement V.P.YesGlenn McKnight31-Aug-2015As per notes above

CROPP RALO Outreach Strategic Plan Template v2 (Jun 2015)

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  1. This is great. Continuing efforts to strengthen our membership and utilize the thin resources we have in a strategic way. Formalizing it and pairing it with cropp goals is excellent. Creating an ongoing annual agenda should be part of every RALO's work.

  2. The  NARALO  Monthly  Meeting 

    The  NARALO  General meeting  had a majority of  members accept the  NARALO  CROPP Outreach Strategy  with two abstaining  votes. 


    The  proposed plan has been  passed onward to VP  Chris  Modini for approval

    The   CROPP RT  assigned  members  have  nominated  from  the Outreach Committee   Glenn McKnight  and  a followup with Alan Skuce from Finance committee


    The  ALAC  Outreach committee  meeting  on  17th August  will discuss the affirmation of   Glenn McKnight and Alan Skuce for the CROPP  RT


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