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Trip Assessment Form


1) Describe the Trip in sufficient detail
that an interested reader could understand Who,
What, When, Where, and Why concerning this
funded CROP activity (please be as expansive
as possible):  

The purpose of the BC Outreach Activity, using CROP funding for Omar Mansoor Ansari, member of the BC Outreach Committee, was to attend the WITSA WCIT to help create awareness through presentation to the WITSA Board and broader distribution of BC materials-- targeting recruitment. In addition, to hold bilateral discussions with selected ICT associations leadership for recruitment to the BC membership, focused on the next four ICANN meetings, so that the senior leadership program of the BC and the ICANN fellowship application process can continue development of recruitment of senior leaders to the BC.  

As a result, the World Congress on IT (WCIT) provided a unique opportunity for the BC to reach out to, and recruit a selected and pre identified group of ICT associations to further the diversity of the BC’s membership.

2) Explain the extent to which the Proposed
Goals and Outcomes were accomplished
(see above LINK to review the original Proposal):  

BC Outreach initiatives are primarily focused on developing countries, as established by the BC Outreach Strategy. Activities to date have included engagement in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. With the addition of TechNation as a BC member, the opportunity to do outreach that can reach the business community in Asia-Pacific (AP), but more specifically in CASA (Central Asia and South Asia), has emerged.  It is useful to understand which countries are considered to be in the CASA region, and that World IT and Services Alliance has over 80 member ICT associations. TechNation proposed a BC outreach activities at the WITSA’s World Congress on IT (WCIT) held From February 18-21, 2018 in Hyderabad, India, that brought together a number of participants from across the globe mainly the AP region. The World Congress was held in conjunction with India’s NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (ILF), which broadened and deepened the participation from Indian businesses-- another opportunity for the BC to engage in outreach.  

1. Highlights-

  • ICANN BC outreach activity in the AP region, particularly in South Asia; (2nd edition, the first was in Malaysia during ASOCIO Summit in 2015)
  • A BC outreach brochure specific to Asia and the Pacific developed and printed, and distributed among 200 individuals from across the region and beyond;
  • 5 face to face meetings with the leadership over lunch and dinner arranged
  • Speaking role at the WITSA Board Meeting on the importance of engagement of WITSA and its members with the ICANN BC
  • 5  business associations and companies have shown interest in joining BC and follow up activities need to be carried out. This includes encouraging WITSA, PIKOM, ASSOCIO, NASSCOM, XS InfoSol,  SMEs and associations to apply for membership at ICANN BC.

 2. Outreach Activities-

Following activities were carried out that resulted in increased visibility of BC and engagement with the industry plans in the Asia Pacific region and other regions in general:

  • Speaking role at the WITSA Board meeting: to explain why WITSA and individual ICT associations should join the BC. The WITSA Board Meeting agenda included: Welcome/ introductory remarks were provided by Omar Mansoor Ansari to fellow Board Members regarding why ICANN and Internet Governance issues are relevant to WITSA.  This was focused on linking engagement of ICANN BC in IG ecosystem issues and IG activities affecting ICANN, and inviting business leaders and through them, their members from business entrepreneurs from various regions and industries to follow ICANN’s BC activities, and consider joining the BC.
  • Distribution of an updated two page fact sheet, specially developed for WCIT, with input from the Outreach Committee and designed for this event.
  • Bilateral engagement with selected invited guests from the industry, and key influential people from the host country and others.
  • Promotional activities- print material, such as referenced BC fact sheet specific to WCIT.
  • Promotion of the call to engagement from business in the AP/CASA, but also from other regions, with a focus on BC leadership program for the next 4 ICANN meetings.
  • In addition, encourage 3-4 applicants nominated from business leaders in WITSA to the ICANN fellowship program, to help to build the benefit of the fellowship program for business leaders.
  • Specific re recruitment of WITSA itself as a BC member as a key goal, as well as 4-5 ICT executives from other countries.

3.     Outcomes-

  • Increased awareness about ICANN and ICANN BC among business stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific region, particularly in India. This was done not only through BC sponsored activities, but also through BC member participation in several WCIT sessions; These sessions included WITSA Board and Committee meetings, WCIT sessions, meetings with the exhibiting companies etc.
  • Engaging with fellow ICT executives during the WITSA Board meeting  provided important enlightenment on the crucial role of business users of the Internet in the overall stability, reliability and resiliency of ICANN, and especially post IANA transition.
  • Distribution of print material to around 200 participating businesses from across Asia and the Pacific. This helped with awareness creation and promotion of the ICANN BC. 
  • WITSA has shown interest in joining ICANN BC, others who have shown interest in getting involved includes PIKOM, ASOCIO, NASSCOM, XS InfoSol,  however, follow up activities need to be carried out with all, to ensure recruitment.
  • Increased number of ICT leaders who head ICT associations to participate in the BC Leadership program, and possibility of them joining the BC.
  • The issue of membership diversity is important for the BC to continually broaden and enhance engagement from businesses from different regions. This outreach event provided with an opportunity to foster diversity within BC with new members from AP and CASA illustrating that geo diversity and gender are valid priorities.

Figure pending here.

3) Additional information pertaining
to this outreach Trip (optional):

Challenges and Recommendations-

  • Little to no awareness exists among business stakeholders from the region-- this may be the primary reason for limited membership from the region-- only 9% of the total BC members come from Asia and the Pacific, while the ‘voting’ reduces representation further to 6%. Asia and the Pacific is a region with 65 countries, and 4.5b population making it about 60% of the world’s population.
  • ICANN BC’s presence and engagement with Asia and the Pacific has been quite limited, partly because limited BC outreach activities in the region. The business stakeholders from the region therefore do not understand the value of getting involved in the ICANN BC.
  • Explaining ICANN to SMEs and entrepreneurs is a real challenge, and needs more consideration within the BC’s outreach materials. Proposing travel to ICANN meetings is not a solution to the majority of participants but engaging locally through a possible quarterly briefing /webinar may offer a significant way to support not just the AP region, but other developing country businesses.
  • Need to clarify what role participants can play by joining ICANN, particularly useful for smaller companies, e.g. more frequent sessions with the smaller sessions (remote webinars) would help increase understanding about how other small companies can be active in the BC and contribute to ICANN overall.
  • Engagement can be expanded to AP and CASA participants, as current participation from this region is quite low.
  • Travel complications, bookings for 3 nights for a meeting of 5 nights, can cause issues in achieving goals set for a certain activity-- WITSA board was scheduled for early morning of March 18, however, hotel was booked from the afternoon of the day, changing hotel etc cause time waste. Travel rules need to be revised for the future.
  • Make the “business case” of why Asia and  the Pacific-based businesses  should participate in gTLD policy and ICANN governance via the BC.
  • Additional players from business and other constituencies from the region, such as ISPs, to be encouraged should be invited to get involved with ICANN.
  • Continued follow up with potential members: WITSA, PIKOM, ASOCIO, NASSCOM, XS InfoSol, and others.

4) Please fill out the date when you have completed this form:14-May-2018
Acknowledgements Section

Note: To be completed by a Program Coordinator (PC) designated by this organization/structure.

The Trip Assessment information has been gathered and properly entered into this form.YesChantelle Doerksen14-May-2018On behalf of Omar Mansoor Ansari, CROP Participant
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Assessment.YesChantelle Doerksen14-May-2018Per Jimson Olufuye, Vice Chair of Finance and Operations of the Business Constituency
The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President has concurred that this Trip Assessment satisfactorily reports the extent to which the goals/outcomes outlined in the original proposal have been achieved.YesChantelle Doerksen29-Aug-2018

CROP Trip Assessment Template (May 2017)

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