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The following are the applicants for the ".cba" applied for string.

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  1. Limited Public Interest Grounds

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  2. Community Objection Grounds

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    1. submitted by Carlos Aguirre

      I call respectfuly for At large consideration, on new gTLD application related with .cba string. made by Commonwealth Bank of Australia 

      Similarity string:

      Why: because .cba is widely recognized represent to Province of Cordoba and its capital city (called Cordoba too) the second longest city in Argentina.

      Cordoba and its string representative .cba is a Province with more than 3M people population, and its capital city with almost 500 years ancient, with two million people is the second capital after Buenos Aires, in Argentina. .cba is Similarity string no only Cordoba province and its capital city, also is representative of more than hundred other organizations. Only you need put cba in your browser (google for instance) and you can find multiple similarities with many organizations around the globe. That situation could be a big confusion and a huge problem in the future. In relation with Cordoba province in Argentina you can inmediately see the similarity visiting the institutional website of province

      There are cities called Cordoba, also in Spain, Colombia and Mexico. the Nicaraguan money  currently is called Cordoba  as well, so the confusion will be enormous and need ALAC pay attention on that.


      Why: Because beyond the expressed at the previous point Cordoba and its .cba string recognized by all in the Spanish Languaje as representative of Cordoba, is a central region in Argentina, and the most important industrial sector is based in this place. The present political conflict between National Goverment & Province Goverment made that Early Warning didn`t send by Argentinian Chancellor to GAC on time.

      As i said before, Cordoba is not only a Patrimony of Argentina, also there cities with the same name in Spain, Colombia, and Mexico

      Community Interest:

      Nobody in Argentina doubt about what mean the acronym cba, means Cordoba in the same sense than nobody has doubt about what is patagonia.

      the legislative body in Cordoba, unanimously approved two months ago in ordinary session an instruction to its national Senators to urge tho Ministery of Foreign Affairs to send to ICANN the Early Warning, but how i explain before the conflict between Nation and Province was the obstacle to this.

      Another considerations have to do with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia applied not only for .cba, also made application for the string .commonbank, so to loss  .cba , not cause any loss at all.

      The people of province of Cordoba in Argentina wait for your consideration at the moment to elaborate the advice in this sense an with relation controverted .cba string


      1. I respectfully disagree with Carlos' objection.

        On Wikipedia, the acronym "CBA" disambiguates into more than 30 different uses; the city of Cordoba and the Applicant are both listed. Indeed, the default recognition of the acronym certainly varies depending on location; where I live, "CBA" immediately suggests either the Canadian Bar Association (which currently uses or the Canadian Bankers'Association.

        While Cordoba indeed uses the acronym, it is not the only body in the world to use it and IMO is not entitled to limit the intention of others to use it in good faith. Since the Applicant is a commercial body whose name is represented by the acronym "CBA", its intended use is legitimate and it is highly unlikely that the Applicant will attempt to misrepresent the TLD as Cordoba.   

        In this respect, I would accept the Applicant's request for this TLD and would recommend AGAINST an At-Large objection as requested.


      2. While I empathize with Carlos' objection/comment regarding the application for the gtld .cba string, I am disinclined to support an ALAC objection as I do not believe the objection has fulfilled all the 4 limbs for a successful objection on Community Objection grounds.

        I think it fails on account of:- 

        Limb #2: Substantial Opposition

        1. Has substantial opposition within the community that Carlos purports to represent been proven?  One comment (as in number of expressions of opposition) can hardly be deemed as substantial, can it? No. 
        2. Is Carlos' objection submitted with the backing of the community he represents (taken as Cordoba)?  He does not say - if my recollection serves me correctly, he indicated that he was a business lawyer based in the community. However he also mentions that an attempt to urge an Argentinian official to submit an early warning to ICANN did not materialise because of conflict between the Argentinian national government and Cordoba province government. Unfortunate turn of events but I cannot imply from what has been posted that he is indeed representative of the community. On the flip side, should and could we imply from the disagreement between the national government and province government that the objection does not receive wider support? 

        Limb #3: Targeting 

        1. Carlos may be able to prove a strong association between Cordoba and the .cba string but he will not be able to prove that the association is exclusive to his community nor could he submit that it should be exclusive. 
        2. As Evan pointed out, the "CBA" acronym (and by extension the .cba string) is in wide use outside of Cordoba. Evan mentioned 2 valid examples with respect to Canada (and yes, that's what comes up first in a google search). By the same token, and being based/familiar with the Asia-Pacific region, I can also state that most Australians will immediately recognise CBA as the known acronym for the Applicant!

        Limb #4: Detriment

        1. I seriously doubt that the Applicant intends to use the .cba string in detriment (i.e. concrete and economic damage) to Cordoba - being a commercial enterprise, the Applicant would have no economic interest to do so and and as an established banking institution, would certainly not contemplate risking its operating license and reputation that way. 

        And I do not think the point about the Applicant having applied for multiple strings and therefore not losing out if it does not gain the .cba string is relevant. 

  3. The New gTLD Review Group (gTLD RG) had conference calls  on Monday January 21 2013 and Friday Jaunary 25 2013 and made the following decision regarding .cba :

    • No limited public interest objection concerns were raised.
    • As "cba" is an acronym which has multiple significance, the comment does not raise sufficient community objection grounds concerns.

    No drafting of an formal objection statement will be done.