This is a workspace for gTLD application comment pages on objection grounds (Limited Public Interest, Community) for the 60 day Application Comment Period and the 7 month Objection Period.

The ALAC has standing to object to a gTLD application on "Limited Public Interest Objection" grounds and "community" grounds.

In order to qualify for the limited public interest objection, the applied-for gTLD string must be contrary to generally accepted legal norms of morality and public order that are recognized under principles of international law -- typically well accepted multinational treaties.

In order to qualify for a community objection, there must be substantial opposition to the New gTLD Application from a significant portion of the community to which the gTLD string may be explicitly or implicitly targeted.

f you wish to comment on a gTLD application on objection grounds, see if the wiki page of that gTLD application is listed in the table below.
Otherwise, please contact the gTLD RG group at which will create the wiki page for you.

.amazon_OG 12
.book _OG 17
.cba_OG 6
.health_OG 9
.nyc_OG 11
.patagonia_OG 17
multiple-strings-by-IT-for-change_OG 9
multiple-strings-by-RJ-Glass 2
健康_OG 5






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