ICANN Engagement Strategy for Europe (IESE)

Whether you are on your way to Singapore for the 49 ICANN meeting or you will be participating remotely note down the Next ICANN Engagement Strategy for Europe - Open Session  

In preparation for the session we prepared a short survey that will help us tailoring the session and the strategy

Looking forward to seeing you in Singapore!



The second ICANN Brussels briefing ended this morning at the Brussels Reinassance Hotel.  Around 40 stakeholders were able to join and engage in a good discussion on a number of issues and laying the ground for a good start in 2014. 

 On behalf of the ICANN Brussels team we do apologize for the remote participants, which were let off just few minutes after the meeting started. Unfortunately the hotel network went down and despite all the efforts of our IT staff in the room even basic emails didn't work. 

We will keep you posted on the Survey launch for the ICANN Engagement Strategy for Europe, in just few weeks stay tuned and keep engaging!







The ICANN Brussels briefing is coming up! save your spot sending an email to petya.minkova@icann.org and spread the invite! Looking forward to seeing you in just about 2 days!

Here you can find the draft agenda

Good news! If you cannot make it Brussels tomorrow you can join us remotely at https://icann.adobeconnect.com/ibb 





UPDATE - Save the Date! - Upcoming ICANN Brussels Briefing December 18, 9.30 - 14.00 at Reinassance Hotel Brussels 

Dear Stakeholders, 

As 2013 comes to an end we would like you to save the date for the second (and last of year) ICANN Brussels briefing, on December 18 at 09.30hrs at the Renaissance Hotel, the event will finish with a buffet lunch.   

It will be an occasion to meet and update you on the ICANN developments including the new gTLD program, outcomes from the ICANN 48 Buenos Aires and larger IG topics such as  the preparation of the San Paulo meeting on the Future of the Internet Governance, the 1NET movement and the WSIS+10 review process.    

We will also to take stock from the first public session on the ICANN Engagement Strategy for Europe (IESE) held at ICANN 48, and design toghether the roadmap to build a solid regional strategy. 

2014 is set to be a key year in the global IG ecosystem, would be very good too see you and exchange greetings before we start the Christmas break and a very intense year ahead.

Please "spread the news" and let us know if you can come (Register sending your details  to petya.minkova@icann.org


As part of the global ICANN Strategy initiative, ICANN is reaching out to Europe region to involve all stakeholders in the bottom-up multistakeholder process of ICANN. The strategy for Europe aims at gathering the inputs from the region and ensuring that the specific needs of stakeholders are fully taken in consideration and that their inputs shape the work and development of ICANN. 

To design a strategy for the region ICANN counts on the input and participation of all stakeholders. Aware of the specific complexity of the region and the multiple challenges (from geographic definition to issues identification) the approach followed is of a broad and open consultation.

Under the coordination of the ICANN Brussels office a series of event related to the building of the strategy have been organized. 

On June 25 the first ICANN Brussels briefing was organized, to reach out to the large Brussels based community and inform on the most recent developments: 

The Brussels briefing provided the basis to organize at the Durban 47 ICANN meeting an open informal consultation gathered a numbered of stakeholder for a first discussion focused on the Strategy:

Feedback from the session provided valuable indications on the needs and structure for the Strategy, as from Centr  centr-icann_european_strategy.pdf and the .EU registry http://www.centr.org/article/icann-durban-takes-bow-embryonic-european-strategy


Further presentations of the Strategy have been given at several events including the RIPE 67 Meeting in Athens (October 2013 RIPE 67 - ATHENS .pptx) and at the Centr General Assembly in Brussels. 

As an ongoing process ICANN Brussels looks forward to including more inputs and further defining the structure, reach, indicators and milestones of the Strategy, all interested stakeholders are invited to join the Strategy for Europe session at the coming ICANN 48 Buenos Aires. 

























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  1. Regarding the Regional Strategy for Europe. I was unable to attend Brussels. Can you provide the presentation notes or brief document overview to acompany the presentation.  It is very dificult to pick up information from a ppt deck alone.  I am particularly intersted in the Survey and Slide 11 - Next steps. Thanks..