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Trip Proposal Section

1) Number of Travelers:
(Note: each traveler uses one trip of the five (5) allocated to each organization/structure).  

Traveler Email (Redacted) Alternate Email (Redacted)
Ms. Eleni Lappa n/a
2) Application Date:


3) Dates of Requested Travel:

Departure: 21-Jun-2014
Return: 28-Jun-2014

4) Travel Itinerary:

From City: Athens Country: Greece
To City: London Country: United Kingdom
5) Event/Conference Name, Title, or Descriptor:

ICANN50 | London

22-26 June 2014

5a) Event/Conference Website Link:
6) Primary Event/Conference Location:

The official venue is the Hilton London Metropole Hotel, a contemporary central London hotel, located just a 10-minute walk from the West End and Oxford Street.

225 Edgware Road


United Kingdom W2 1JU

Tel: +44-207-402-4141

Fax: +44-207-616-7313

7) ICANN Geographic Region: Europe

8) Activity Sponsors:
(Note: all event sponsors must be identified in order to comply with ICANN travel guidelines).


9) Purpose and Goals:

Increased representation of Intellectual Property interests at ICANN 50 and outreach to potential new IPC members in the ICANN European region.

10) Proposed Outcomes: Participation in IPC initiatives during ICANN 50 and attendance at IPC and CSG meetings during Constituency Day.  Overall attendance and participation in additional sessions of interest during ICANN 50. 
11) Additional Information (optional):

*Ms. Lappa has confirmed that she will be responsible for her additional hotel or per diem charges during ICANN 50.

**The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President timely confirmed "that the Purpose/Goals of this Trip Proposal are consistent with operational plans and/or strategies."


The participants identified in this application are familiar with the Program Operations associated with this Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (FY14) and agree to abide by its terms and conditions.

The ICANN Organization/Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Proposal. Yes
The ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-President has concurred that the Purpose/Goals of this Trip Proposal are consistent with operational plans and/or strategies. Yes

Trip Assessment Section

1) Describe how the original Purpose and Goals were accomplished:

"As an IP lawyer that resides in Greece and has studied in the United Kingdom, with varied and extensive experience in .gr disputes in Greece (starting from the very first one in Greek jurisdiction, for in 2003) I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to experience first-hand the actual procedures of ICANN in terms of proposals and policy. Especially due to my European background, it was a particularly enlightening experience which helped put together the pieces of a puzzle that I regularly deal with in my practice. I would be honored to be considered for IPC membership." 

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:


"I attended all IPC and CSG meetings and I covered my own expenses following the second day of ICANN 50, for attending the entire conference in London."
3) Date Completed: 14-Aug-2014
4) Additional information pertaining to this outreach event (optional):
Program Administration: STAFF USE ONLY
Program Requirement Date Satisfied Initials Notes
Structure Leader Confirmation 16-May-2014 RH

Confirmation requested 13 May.

Confirmed 16 May.

Stakeholder Engagement VP Confirmation 13-May-2014 RH Approved by both JJS and NH.
Constituency Travel RH Constituency Travel alerted 14 May.
Confirmation Section: STAFF USE ONLY
Program Administrator Confirmed? Date Rationale

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