1. On 1 October, Rob Hoggarth, Janice Douma Lange, and Ken Bour presented an introduction to the Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program which included two major components:
    • Slide presentation (9 slides) covering the major components, guidelines, and milestones of the program
    • Visual walk-through of the CROPP Wiki space
  2. On 10 October, following an introduction by Janice Douma Lange, Ken Bour presented a training tutorial intended for Pilot Program Coordinators (PPC)

The following table contains links to the media pertaining to these sessions which are available for viewing/download: 

ResourceFormatMorning Session (1300 UTC)Afternoon Session (1900 UTC)
Community Intro Sessions (1 October 2013)
Audio MP3MP3

CROPP Intro1 (14.6 MB)

CROPP Intro2 (13.0 MB)

TranscriptPDFCROPP Intro1 (109 KB)CROPP Intro2 (82 KB)
Slide DeckPDFCROPP Introduction-FINAL (1.0 MB)
Pilot Program Coordinator Training (10 October 2013)

Important Notes: 

  • If you are intending to listen to the audio recording (no visual component), it will be helpful to also open the PDF slide deck so that you can follow along as Rob discusses each page.
  • If you are interested in an audio-visual walk-through of the CROPP Wiki space (7 min.), one has been created here in the Tutorials section: CROPP Wiki Site Introduction.
  • A shorter audio-video tutorial for Pilot Program Coordinators (13 min.) has been recorded as is available in the Tutorials section: Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) Training.
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