Chris Chaplow would like to make our community aware of an upcoming event organized by the

Chris was invited to speak at this local Chamber of Commerce event about ICANN and the New gTLD’s.  His intent is to provide a brief historical overview of the Internet, explain the role of ICANN, what opportunities New gTLDs present for business and what steps should business now take to protect their brands.

Chris shares this with all of us as he believes that it could be a good Outreach opportunity as most of the local business people will have only just about heard the name ICANN.

The event is confirmed for Thursday 13th June at 18.30 in a local government auditorium

Below are the details: 

TITLE:    Get ready for dot anything!

SUBTITLE   How Business needs to be prepared for the new generic top level domains.


Later this year the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will begin to authorize about 1,200 new generic top level domains (e.g. dot com, dot net, dot info) in addition to the 22 that currently exist.  This will be biggest change to the internet since its inception.  What will this mean for internet users in general and business users particular? 


If anyone else has these types of invitations or opportunities, please share with the Outreach Mailing List but even more importantly, send the information into ICANN Speaker Bureau so that we can populate the ICANN Master Calendar and potentially provide additional support for your event.
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  1. Attached is the Recommendations to Develop a Global Outreach Program to Broaden Participation in the GNSO (click paperclip in upper right corner)