Proposed projectsActivities under projectsTimelineLink with the Africa Strategy objectives
1 DNNSEC ROADSHOW DNSSEC roadshow : Workshops in african countriesJuly 2014 -      June 2015Promote adoption of DNSSEC
2Outreach Program (Stakeholder Engagement)Outreach Visists to African CountriesJuly 2014 -      June 2015Promote the multistakeholder model and platform in Africa at the Government, civil society and private sector levesl to enrich participation in ICANN constituencies  Effective Communication
Outreach during International  events.Effective communication/Outreach on ICANN
3IDN AfricaBring some African participants in Latin script generation Panel. July 2014 -      June 2015Institutionalize IDN support 
4DNS AWARDOrganize the award event during the ICANN 52 meetingfebruary  2015Motivate African leaders by creating  awards to celebrate best practices in DNS Industry
5DNS incubationContribution to existing Incubation center program with introduction of DNS business operationJuly 2014 -      June 2015Build Entrepreneurship program in the DNS area
6Exchange program with DNS industry leadersSend candidates / Interns from African registrars and registries for and exchange programme with leading registries in the worldJuly 2014 -      June 2015Promote strategic partnerships between global and local entrepreneurs in the DNS industry
7 Support Deployment of Anycast instances of Root serversAssist organizations wishing to host L root-server instances in AfricaJuly 2014 -      June 2015Deploy more Anycast instances of L-Root in cooperation with Regional Organisations. 
8Policy advice on ccTLDS WorkshopsContribution to ccTLD redelegation issues through national workshopsJuly 2014 -      June 2015Review delegation and redelegation procedure in support of strenghten African ccTLDs
9Annual topical  workshop in AfricaOrganize a workshop on a specific topic in the DNS industry in AfricaJuly 2014 -      June 2015Support Capcity building and Development of Internet Governance in Africa
10Observatory on DNS industrySet up an observatory on DNS industryJuly 2014 -      June 2015An observatory to develop new indices for DNS industry growth in Africa ;
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