The next SCI teleconference meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 28th January 2014 at 20:00 UTC for 1 hour (12:00 PST , 15:00 EST,  20:00 London, 21:00 CET). For other times:

Adobe Connect:

Proposed Agenda:

1.  Roll call (1 min)

2.  Statements of Interest (2 mins)

3.  Approval of the agenda (2 mins)

4.  Review of GNSO Working Group Guidelines Consensus Levels (20 mins) – See document below

5.  Possible inclusion of a Waiver/Exception in the GNSO Operating Procedures (15 mins)

6.  Voting by email (15 mins)

7.  AOB (5 mins)

Notes for Follow Up Action from 14 January Meeting:

1.  WG Survey & Resubmitting a Motion: The SCI approved these revisions to the GNSO Operational Procedures; staff is preparing documents/materials for public comment.  Once comments are received they will be provided to the SCI to review and to consider any changes.  The final revised version will be submitted to the GNSO along with a motion for consideration of approval.

2.  Waiver/Exception:  Greg has volunteered to work with Marie-Laure to further develop a proposal on this issue.

3.  Email Voting:  This item is still under discussion. Anne has volunteered to work with Avri and Thomas to further develop and refine the ideas currently under review. Staff is checking with the GNSO Secretariat as to current method used for absentee voting (i.e. general email or actual electronic ballot).

4.  WG Guidelines/Consensus Levels:  These will be discussed as first agenda item at the 28 January. Thomas will provide an overview, and will be joined on this sub-team by Amr, Cintra and Greg.


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