Welcome to the GNSO Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation (SCI). The SCI is responsible for reviewing and assessing the effective functioning of the GNSO Procedures and Working Group guidelines. Its tasks include making recommendations:

  • On request, for those procedures and guidelines that have been identified as presenting immediate problems
  • On a periodic timescale for all procedures and guidelines in order to identify possible issues and/or improvements (subject to a clear definition by the SCI on which procedures and guidelines should be reviewed)

The SCI is also responsible for considering requests concerning issues related to the GNSO Council processes and procedures and to Working Group guidelines that have been identified either by the GNSO Council or a group chartered by the GNSO Council as needing discussion.

This is the workspace of the Standing Committee where you can find further information about its activities. For further information, please contact ICANN Policy Staff (policy-staff@icann.org).

You can find here further information concerning:

1. Meetings

2. Charter

3. Members

4. Work Completed/In Progress

5. WG Documents & Sub-Teams

6. Background Documents

7. Attendance Records

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