The first steps in getting involved with a WG involves the following:

  • If you have not done a Statement of Interest form yet, you will be asked to.  The GNSO Secretariat will guide you through that process.  It mostly involves filling out a form on the ICANN wiki <>.  Though they will help people, who may have wiki limitations, do it by email.
  • If you are going into a new group read the Issues report and the charter.
  • If you are going into an established group, read up on Issues report and charter as above.  And then try to catch up on any other progress and discussions the group has done.  This may involve reviewing the email archive of the group.  Ask the chair or responsible staff member for recommendations on what to review.  Knowing the policy support staff they will probably approach you before you think to ask, they are very helpful.  But just in case they don't, feel free to ask.
  • Start to attend the meetings.  You don't need to talk, and in fact it might be best to just listen for a bit, at least until you are caught up. but ask questions any time you have one.   If you can't make a meeting, send apologies, the attendance records take that in account in measuring the participation levels of the Stakeholder groups.
  • If you miss a meeting, consider listening to the recording of the meeting.  I find they are excellent for flights.  Then again, what they sometimes do well is allow me to sleep - unless it is an issue I am passionate about.
  • Let someone on the NCSG-PC know you joined the group, so we can try to track the work being done by the NCSG.  And so that that can answer any questions you have.  
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