NCSG Participation in GNSO & Cross-Community Working Groups/Teams

Summary of the different active GNSO working group and policy processes - here

NCSG ad-hoc groups

GNSO Working Groups/Drafting Teams/Steering Committees/Work Teams List

GNSO Review Working GroupRafik Dammak (Primary), Pascal Bekono, Renata Aquino  Ribeiro, Klaus Stoll (Obs), Joan Kerr (Obs), Akinremi Peter Taiwo (Obs)Wiki

GNSO Bylaws Implementation Drafting TeamFarzaneh Badii, Stefania Milan, Matthew ShearsWiki
GNSO Standing Selection CommitteeRenata Aquino Ribeiro, Poncelet Ileleji, Rafik DammakWiki

GNSO Drafting Team on Auctions proceedsKlaus Stoll, Olevie Kouami (NCSG representatives)

GNSO new meeting strategy Drafting TeamRafik Dammak (NCSG representative)

IGO-INGO Protections Policy Development Process (PDP) Working GroupWilson Abigagba, Hago Dafalla, Avri Doria, Poncelet Ileleji, Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Cintra Sooknanan

Abuse & Harm of IGO-INGOs Documentation

Charter Drafts

General Council Legal Review Request Drafts & 

IGO-INGO Final Report - Drafts

IGO-INGO Initial Report - Drafts

IGO-INGO Protections Matrix

IGO-INGO Public Comments

IGO-INGO Registration Evaluation Tool

IGO-INGO Work Package Drafts

Input Request Drafts

SG&C / SO&AC Responses to Input Request

Work Plan Drafts

Draft - IOC Timeline documents

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part D Working GroupAvri Doria, Bartlett Morgan

WG Wiki

IRTP Part D Final Issue Report

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

SG/C Statements

Final Report approved by GNSO Council
GNSO Data & Metrics for Policy Making Working GroupOlivier Kouami, Rudi Vansnick, Sonigitu Ekpe, David Cake - GNSO Council vice chair 

Charter - Drafts

Initial Report - Drafts

Final Report - Drafts

Work Plan Archive

DMPM - Use Case Analysis Documents - Past WG Efforts

Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Working Group

David Cake, James Gannon, Howard Fellman, Rudi Vansnick, Kathy Kleiman, Marie-Laure Lemineur, Roy Balleste, Wendy Seltzer, Stephanie Perrin

Work Plan

Charter Questions Template

SG/C/SO/AC Input

Sub Group Output

Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation (SCI)Avri Doria, Stefania Milan, Karel Douglas (Alt), Renata Aquino Ribeiro (Alt), Rudi Vansnick, Martin Pablo Valent (Alt)

Deferral of Motions

Proxy Voting Procedure

Update of GNSO Council Voting Results Table

Voting Thresholds for Delaying a PDP

WG Survey

WG Metrics and Protection Working GroupNot Currently Active

Next-Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services to Replace WhoisAarti Bhavana, Ayden Férdeline, Beatriz Rodriguez, Benjamin Akinmoyeje, Bram Fudzulani, Dave Jevans, David Cake, WG Vice Chair, Edamwen Anthony Oni, Farzaneh Badii, Grace Mutung'u, Jeremy Malcolm, Joanna Kulesza, Juan Manuel Rojas, Kathy Kleiman, Kannan Ganapathy, Klaus Stoll, Mahdi Taghizadeh, Mathias Houngbo, Monika Zalnieriute, Norbert Glakpe, Olevie Kouami, Patrick Lenihan, Rafik Dammak, Raoul Plommer, Sam Lanfranco, Shane Kerr, Shweta Kshirsagar, Sonigitu Ekpe, Stacie Walsh, Stefania Milan, Stephanie Perrin, Tamir Israel, Tan Sze Ming, Tapani Tarvainen, Tatiana Tropina, Vinit Sinha, Viviane Gomes Vinagre, Wendy Seltzer,  Wiki
Policy & Implementation Working Group

Stephanie Perrin, David Cake, Avri Doria, Olevie Kouami, Marie-Laure Lemineur, Edward Morris, Zeeshan Shoki, Klaus Stoll, Seun Ojedeji

SG/C/SO/AC Input

WG Work Plan

Working Definitions & Principles

Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information PDP

Rudi Vansnick, Ephraim Percy Kenyanito, Patrick Lenihan, David Cake (Observer), Chris DillonStudies and Background Documents

Discussion Group - New gTLD Subsequent RoundsAvri Doria, David Cake, Sam Lanfranco, Sonigitu EkpeIssue Templates

IGO-INGO Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms PDPImran Ahmed Shah, Kathy Kleiman, Poncelet Ileleji

Joint SO/AC Working Groups

Enhancing ICANN Accountability - Work Stream 1

Robin Gross (NCSG Representative)

Amr Elsadr (p), Avri Doria (p), Brenden Kuerbis (p), Matthew Shears (p), Seun Oyedeji (p), Wolfgang Kleinwaetcher (p), Edward Morris (p), Rudi Vansnick (p), William 'Bill' Drake (p), Imran Ahmed Shah (p), Milton Mueller (p), James Gannon (p), Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez (p), Joy Liddicoat (p), Stephanie Perrin (p), Wisdom Kwasi Donkor (p), Ed Morris (p), Rafik Dammak (p), Stefania Milan (p), Marilia Marciel (p)

NCSG mailing list ( /

Cross Community Working Group For Framework of CWG Principles

Avri Doria - NCSG (GNSO Council liaison)

Seun Ojedeji, Cintra Sooknanan, David Cake - GNSO Council Vice-Chair (Observer),

Mapping CWG Charters to Typical WG Life Cycle (Spreadsheet/Chart)

Background Documents

Cross-Community Working Group on Use of Country/Territory Names as TLDs Home

Sonigitu Ekpe, Robin Gross, Ganeswar Sahoo, Cintra Sooknanan

Progress Report ccWG UCT finalThe mailing list of this Cross Community Working Group is publicly archived and can be found here: CTN-CrossComm

GAC-GNSO Consultation Group on GAC Early Engagement in Policy Development Processes

David Cake (Vice Chair), Amr Elsadr, Avri Doria, Carlos Gutierrez

 Documents Mailing list archives:
Joint SO-AC New gTLD Applicant Support Working Group 

Final Document Development:

Original Template

Include comments and Text Snapshot

CWG to Develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions

Avri Doria (NCSG representative)

Participants: Rafik Dammak, Stephanie Perrin, Milton Mueller, Amr Elsadr,Stefania Milan, Marilia Maciel, Brenden Kuerbis, Matthew Shears

NCSG mailing list (
Cross-community working group on Internet GovernanceRafik Dammak (GNSO liaison & co-chair), Bill Drake (NCSG representative)

IGC IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group

The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group Milton Mueller (NCSG representative)


Implementation Review Team (IRT)

'Thick' Whois Policy Development ProcessAmr Elsadr, Avri Doria, Roy Balleste, Wilson Abigaba, Marie-Laure Lemineur

ARTICLE 29 Data Protection Working Party letter to Vint Cerf 2007

schaar-to-cerf-12mar07-en.pdfThe US Safe Harbor - Fact or Fiction? (2008)  

ARTICLE 29 Data Protection Working Party letter to Steve Crocker 2012  

Internet Society article on WEIRDS (maybe a whois replacement protocol)

IETF WEIRDS document repository

Group nearing work in lead up to initial report. Most of the individual groups have completed their efforts.

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